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Help – I need to find some agreement!

By Guest Author On February 18, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Self Help Tips, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

What the heck is happening with BA?

Surely there must be a way BA could negotiate – why not try NLP?

Always in the news is the BA strike and the chaos that follows . And its now not simply the strikes, but l all the flights being grounded because of Icelandic volcanic ash threatening the airspace . The potential impact is huge .

The odd thing is  that if you speak to the people involved in either side , they both think their arguments are totally true and valid . What is stranger is that if you are on the other side , you’re likely to think that the other peoples’ arguments are nuts and even crooked !

How on earth can there be such different point of views ?

Well, first of all it is largely to do with values – the things that are most of import to us. To one side the most important value would be something like the success of the company . To them, with the economical crisis the only way ahead is to do anything it takes for this to happen – whether it makes cut backs or changes to the staff benefits . Naturally they think the thought of striking is Looney because it could imperil the whole company .

On the other side , the employee’s main focus could be their safety and security – knowing their job is secure and that they maintain their benefits – their focus is on maintaining the safety and security and going on strike to make their case heard is the way they reckon will get them heard.

So how do you negotiate with conflict ?

 The NLP model includes many distinctions , and here are a few of the main points :

 1: Separate intention from behavior

 If you get stuck on the particular details of the negotiation , you will never find agreement . You need to find a stage for agreement, which you do by:

 2: Find the intention that lies behind the arguments/behaviour by chunking up

 Ask questions such as ‘For what purpose? What is the intention? What is that an example of?’ – these ‘chunk up’ the specific behaviours to higher levels and you keep going until you can find a level of agreement . For example, in the nuclear arms race, one side would be for total disarmament whereas the other people wanted to increase their number of nuclear weapons . However if you found the intention behind their specific arguments , their higher intention would be similar – peacefulness

 3: Once you have a level of agreement , start to chunk back down making sure you can keep agreement – so don’t go too fast!

  Discover new ways to maintain the highest intention by finding more specific alternatives .

 4: Check for agreement at each stage with conditional closes along the way

 Only bit by bit chunk down to the more specific proposals maing sure that both parties agree – ask questions like ‘If you could have x, then would this be ok?’

 This is an introduction of some of the negotiation model . In NLP there are so many different methods of using language , negotiating and creating change it would take pages to illustrate the full potential . The best way to learn more would be to attend an NLP training – find more details here…



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