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Healthy Children

By Guest Author On January 17, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Self Help Tips, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Let’s face it , your parent aren’t stupid . That’s no different these days than it was 20 years back ; every parent knows exactly what our children need to be fit and healthy even in today’s world. Often , we just cant find the time to work around the societal norms that make it so punishing to keep children physical and healthy these days in order give them a better foundation to work with as they begin their young lives .

Sometimes , nonetheless, it just takes some ideas and leverage points to begin some discipline without it seeming like disciplines. I am giving you 5 tips for building healthy habits and devising them a lasting fixture in your childrens life.

1. Make active action a Priority

Even at such a young age, deciding to schedule a certain amount of time every single day for physical activity can begin to build this sense of exercise as routine and set the mark early in life before it becomes a drag. This doesn’t mean to wake your kids up at 4 in the morning and hand them a barbell with a heavy stack of plates at each end.

But what you can and should do is schedule a specific time of activity every single day. You can start off with some light calisthenics if you really want to build this idea of structured exercise early, but you can also just get them involved in a game and let them run wild.

Make it clear to them that there’s a reason you do this every day; let them go have their fun, but it helps to communicate the idea of scheduling a healthy life so their other priorities don’t take over later.

2. Teach Healthy Habits

Furthering this idea of communication, look for other ways to teach your child great habits early in life and explain the reasons why. When going up a few levels in a building, skip the elevator and take the stairs. Don’t just cook a healthy meal and throw it on their plate, happy that they get better nutrition than their friends; explain why those foods are good for them and why you choose to eat them.

Be a leader and at the same time inspire independent thought. Show them how to make these healthy decisions for themselves.

3. Be Healthy Yourself

Setting the right example, as always, is key . If you want your child to take these healthy ideals seriously, so should you. If healthy living, exercise, and a good diet are not already permanent fixtures in your life, it’s time for them to become that way.

Forget fad diets and a push to lose 30 pounds. Instead, work on slowly but surely become fit for life.

4. Leverage Sports

Competitive sports are a wonderful way to inspire not only physical activity but social development and team -building. I honestly there is no better way to make a regular part of your child’s life from a young age. Keeping your children involved in sports from early adolescence all through high school will make them a more well-rounded person who is distracted from less constructive activities.

Not to mention that it’s a chance for them to get all those things without you having to be there to guide them every step of the way.

5. Always Make it Fun

Let’s face it—all this talk of healthy behavior and exercise doesn’t really vibe well with the mind of the child. I still say you should communicate, and they might not even get it at first, but someday they will.

Fun and exciting . Remember that for kids , exercise phyisical exercise never needs to be regimented. Buy a play house and some swing sets for the outside and let them do their own thing. Inspire games of tag and hide and seek . Go for a bike trip . Sit back and watch children at play once their pulses get racing; you might just learn something about what true exercise should be.

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