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Have More Sales When You Don’t Mention Your Product

By Guest Author On June 7, 2011 Under Success Secrets

Financial Sales Success is not about having the next clever thing to say or some smart closing method.~Too many people in sales believe making sales is knowing how to overcome objections or having the right thing to say.} The truth is that many people in sales could have success if they genuinely realized what sales is about.

Let me offer two critical definitions of sales:
–Selling is the asking of appropriate questions in order that potential buyer sees the right plan of action for himself
–Sales is enrolling the prospect in his personal vision, his own agenda (not the seller’s agenda)

Be aware that neither description has anything to do with product or service features or persuading or convincing. It’s my personal belief that any article, book or sales training that covers features and benefits should be relegated to sales kindergarten as this is the lowest level of sales discussion that cheats the potential buyer from the chance to purchase. It is quite costly to society when a sale fails to close because the buyer doesn’t get the benefits of the product or service. To feel that the fundamental components of a sales conversation are functions and advantages of the product is usually to declare insufficient thinking and intellectual failure. Genuine sales education is universally absent resulting in armies of struggling sales representatives and billions of dollars of forfeited opportunity per day. Providers cannot assume the sales representatives to train themselves.

Let’s demonstrate a theoretical sales conversation to show you a sale as performed by a master. For our instance, let’s utilize the sale of life insurance, a product which nobody wants to purchase. (P = prospect, S= sales person)

P: We genuinely can’t afford any insurance but Bob mentioned I ought to meet with you.

S: We don’t need to speak about insurance coverage. Let’s speak about what concerns you. Allow me the chance to ask you a question. Considering that we’re not going to speak about insurance coverage, why did you set this time to meet?

P: Bob mentioned you helped him with is economic circumstances and that meeting with you was an excellent idea.

S: What would you prefer to adjust about your financial situation?

P: About how to manage our money better.

S: What’s wrong with your money circumstances now?

P: Well, I have a fantastic job and so does my wife, however it constantly appears we are behind, by no means able to complete the things we want to do or are essential like begin a college fund, put funds away for retirement or get the right amount of insurance coverage.

S: Do you believe that everybody has priorities?

P: Yes.

S: What are your priorities?

P: My loved ones, of course.

S: Genuinely? I don’t think so. Is that your RV in the drive way as well as your speed boat?

P: Yes.

S: Do you have debt on these items?

P: Yes

S: Well, then I imagine your priorities are clear. You have decided to place your loved ones in debt and use your limited cash so that you can have some toys. Would you agree that individuals set their priorities with their checkbook?

P: Yes but these items are for my loved ones.

S: Well which do you consider a lot more crucial; your kid obtaining an excellent college education or hanging out on a speed boat?

P: Are you attempting to make me feel bad?

S: I aid people to get clear and honest about their priorities so they can make the very best decisions. Would that be beneficial for you?

P: Yes. Certainly, I probably have not made the very best decisions. Maybe they’ve been a bit immature.

S: What do you consider is mature?

P: Making decisions determined by the long run advantage of my loved ones, items like the wellness of my family, being able to send my kids to excellent schools, ensuring they may be content and protecting them.

S: Do you feel you’ve made these things a priority-is the speed boat and recreational vehicle consistent with that?

P: No, not actually.

S: Would you like to get on track and commence making choices consistent with your priorities and making economic decisions which are aligned together with your priorities?

P: Yes.

S: Where is a an appropriate place to start?

P: Well, I know I need to start out placing money in a college fund and I know I don’t have sufficient insurance should anything happened to me to send the kids to school.

S: When you mention insurance coverage, do you mean in the event you die or in the event you get disabled and can not work?

P: Actually, both.

S: You tell me. If I could allow you to have the products you just mentioned in order that you commence making financial decisions consistent with your dreams for your loved ones, these items that are priorities and living the vision of being a dependable father which you have for yourself, would that be valuable for you?

P: Yes, that would be unbelievable. I see why Bob said to meet with you, you’re genuinely very good at this.

Notice at this point, the sale is made because our sales person has earned extreme trust. The prospect will buy what the seller tells him to purchase. The product dialogue that occurs hereafter is mechanical. The candidate now desires to generate a change. The product features are close to irrelevant due to the fact the candidate has made an emotional commitment. Note also that nothingalmost particular about the financial items has been mentioned. Junior-league sales reps spend the complete time talking about their items rather than the person and his goals.

It’s amazing that each and every new sales recruit is told that “people buy emotionally” and then he is quickly taught to sell logically talking the features and positive aspects as well as the logical reasons that the prospect really should buy. The dialog above is the genuine definition of selling that makes a distinction:
–Selling is the asking of proper questions so that prospect sees the proper course of action for himself
–Selling is enlisting the prospect in their own vision
In the event you sell this way, you will close more sales and get a lot more referrals.

To continue your sales education, read more articles at this blog: prospect match

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