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Great Self Improvement Is Focusing On Your Inner Self

By Guest Author On May 19, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Law of Attraction, Self Help Tips, Success Secrets

Maybe you have given any thought to how much money Americans spend annually on self improvement? In the last year or two, $1.14 Billion was used on self improvement RR books alone. That isn’t to say the recommendations we seek on the internet, seminars, doctors, counselors, preachers as well as psychics. Obviously, we have arrived at the conclusion that people need help, so why aren’t we getting any better?

We know that we need self improvement PLR strategies for overeating, smoking, alcoholism, abusive relationships, eating disorders, dysfunctional families, porn addictions…other great tales forever. Really should be fact, it seems like the longer we stare in the set of issues, the harder tips we want! We’re focusing on a laundry list of issues, nitpicking ourselves to death and spending vast amounts looking for self improvement MRR tips about each separate issue. My advice is STOP!

Is the fact that Great Advice? You bet it really is. Our issues result from deep within, so why wouldn’t you focus on the inner self and end up forgetting the laundry list? That which you have deep within you depends 100% on what you feed into your mind. Your folks, teachers and peers fed your inner self when you were a kid. Now, you feed your inner self through that which you read, hear and find out. This is called spiritual food and it could well be time and energy to improve your diet!

You might be what you eat, both physically and spiritually. If you have heard negative, hurtful words all of your life, you’ve got negative, hurtful thoughts. If yourrrve been rejected and wounded, you might be filled up with painful, fearful thoughts. Eventually, this inner pain happens. All of those ugly words will manifest in your life. Then, what now ?? You put the “stuff” that arrived on your laundry list. You begin trying to come down their email list, knocking off behaviors and behaviors one by one.

Again, I advise you to prevent! Instead, look deep within yourself and learn a a bit more by what is in there. More importantly, consider who put it there. Is the inner self built by blocks of loving words of wisdom, providing you a sturdy, stable foundation. Or perhaps is your inner self built on someone’s negative words of pain and anger, leaving you weak in the knees?

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