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Giving yourself the mental edge

By Guest Author On May 7, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Giving yourself the deep edge

In an recent article about NLP in sport, I reviewed the substantial power of visualisation. To refresh shortly the main principle – your body will follow what your mind has just told it .

To give you an example of this that you can try out , you first need to find a pendulum (not a massive one like in a grandfather clock! ). If you can’t lay your hands on a pendulum, them get hold of a plumbline and put a thread through it. This is an great exercise I use regularly when I am running my NLP training in North London and it really can stun people!

Now, clutch the chain or thread gently between your thumb and index finger, relax your arm and imagine drawing a circle with your hand holding the plumbline or pendulum . Don’t move your hand – just imagine drawing the circle in your mind.

Now for most people , what you will find is that as you mentally draw the circle in your mind, the pendulum starts to go in a circle also. In case you are thinking it is due to pulse movement in your arms, now imagine drawing the circle the other direction and be surprised when the pendulum starts moving in the other direction !

Let me emphasize , it is not some spirit moving the pendulum! Through mentally drawing the circle in your mind, you are passing communication through your neural pathways to your muscles in your arm you are visualising to draw the circle. You cannot see your arm moving, however  the micro-muscle movements (a great bit of jargon that basically means tiny movements in the muscle!) are increased by means of the pendulum and you thus see the pendulum moving in a circle .

The same thing would happen if you visualise doing any behaviour. Eg, if you imagine doing a sports move perfectly and run through in your mind what you would discover whilst you do it, you will actually be stimulating the neural pathways and muscles involved in the activity .

Just in case you are thinking ‘hey does that mean I don’t need to go to the gym to exercise any more?!’, I’m afraid its not going to bulk muscle or make you drop a size simply by your imagery, however it will make living the activity easier the next time you do it – because you’re going to train your neural pathways .

I often train performers using NLP with performance and also hypnosis to help raise performance and take performers through amazing visualisation techniques to help them amend their performance and they get amazing results.

The key is really that you run a movie of outstanding results . If you run through in your mind incorrect performance , then you’ll basically be perfecting the neural pathways for incorrect performance. There’s an old legend – ‘practice makes perfect’. It should really be written – perfect practice makes perfect!

So don’t just do active practice, make sure you often schedule to do mental practice. Visualise perfect performance and keep doing it until you get it just right every time ! It doesn’t matter the context where in life you do it , this is going to help you.

get the best , learn some NLP or hypnotherapy.

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