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Get what you want and love what you get…

By Guest Author On May 15, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Many people never get their main goals in life…

Tom MacKay (NLP Trainer, psychologist and hypnotherapist in London ) says that all people can achieve their goals if they know the steps to follow .

The most successful people don’t get there by luck  , they take specific action for success . If other people take the same steps , they potentially could also achieve   the same pinnacles  of success. We can all achieve our dreams – never give up and keep trying ! There are at the same time diverse principles that are going to make it easier and more likely that you’ll achieve your goals  .

These are some steps to success

1 – It all starts with a dream .

We’re  in an incredible time – centuries  ago the idea of TV  would have sounded like the work of evil spirits ! Incredible discoveries are made all the time  and it all starts with a dream. Let yourself dream about what you really want – make notes  , create drawings  or find photos that can truly help you visualise your dream. Make your imagination as vivid as possible – the more vivd the more it will compel you to take action  . Put a picture on your wall of your ideal house , or words that represent your dream job write stories to help bring it to life .

2 – You have to really WANT it!

This may sound obvious, however many people have dreams but never do anything about them ! What makes the difference is the emotion connected to them. When you think about your dream if it really drives you, or inspires you or moves you emotionally you are much more likely to take action than if you feel relatively neutral about it .

3 – Make a plan

Some people just step blindly in to taking action . Make a plan – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Model the successful actions that other people have taken  (it will speed up your success). Put time and energy into the planning stage  t – you’ll be glad you did!

4 – Take Action

Dreams and plans don’t make them happen – actions do!  . Take action as soon as you can. Even take a minuscule step towards achieving your goals – it will get you started.


5 – Enjoy the results

Make sure you celebrate your success – some people feel shamed about having the things they want – enjoy your success !

Follow these steps and you’ll get great results in whatever you do – work or play!

Tom MacKay runs NLP training in North London, hypnotherapy and NLP coaching .


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