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Foreign Currency Trading 2 Software – Awesome Robots – What Is the Buzz?

By Guest Author On February 5, 2011 Under Success Secrets

This informative article continues the introduction of superb software tools for fx trading, with particular concentration on what may be the prime currency trading robot that you can buy. It wasn’t made by experienced traders, tech geeks, or a math nerd. It was made by a talented trader.

Did Einstein discover his Theory of Relativity with experienced mates? Did Darwin construct the Theory of Evolution with experienced peers?

No. They did not. No person, in the history of human civilization, has ever discovered a breakthrough by being experienced or by working with experienced colleagues. So why do some folks feel that creating a Forex program is any different?

This system has:

  • A tested, 9-year unblemished history of excellent performance. This forex automatic-trading program has unparalleled quality and flexibility since it avoids risk at all costs.
  • A record-holding average return of 1,074.08% per month since 2001, and 100% accuracy for the past 8 months. With maximum consecutive wins of 2894 and no consecutive losses, it’ll increase your wealth exponentially.
  • A unique and powerful investment formula that has built-in safeguards that doesn’t exist in any other automated solution. Plus it lessens drawdown in unexpected ways, never underestimating the markets.
  • Completely automatic risk scaling, so it’s possible to have profits with any magnitude of starting capital. This implies you can actually decide to make thousands and thousands of dollars, or just make some fast cash. It’s completely up to you.
  • A greater demand than ever for its technology, caused by the financial doom and gloom as well as the expansion of the forex trading markets.

But you could be asking yourself exactly how this system makes so much money for you? Is it illegal? Well, first of all, it’s not illegal. Next, there is an exact procedure to how the system will get you wealthy, but that’s a competitive secret.

What makes an awesome forex robot then? This is similar to asking: What makes an awesome foreign currency trader?

A superb trader is created by both practice and talent. However, a forex automatic-trading program can’t practice, therefore the trader who writes the software has to be exceptionally good and talented. Bearing that in mind, every exceptional automated trading system has got to achieve two goals simultaneously to become profitable.

The first is Extreme Sensitivity to Profitable Trades, because you must maximize your profits and do it as quickly as possible. This implies you have to see profitable trades no matter what the market conditions, and more quickly than everybody else.

As a result, this system delivers the following features for you:

  • Active Profit-Seeking Algorithms, because some forex robots only trade if a new bar forms in the chart, which is slow and counter-productive.
  • Market Condition-Dependant Strategy, so you can make money regardless of the present state of the markets.
  • Efficient High-Frequency Trading A.I., so you can grab every profit available no matter how swift the opportunity uncovered itself.
  • Not Spread-Dependent, because you don’t want brokerages cutting through your profits.
  • Rebound Awareness, so that you never miss the chance to recover your losses without taking added risk.
  • Trade Filtering System in order that you don’t enter a bad trade caused by a false signal, and end up taking a loss for no reason at all.
  • Plug-n-play, hence the optimization is built into the algorithm and you won’t have to look for the most effective settings each and every time you open your trading platform.

The second goal is to get a Complete Money-Management System, allowing you to maximize your winnings in every single trade and minimize your losses whenever they occur. Good money-management should provide you with the ability to select the risks you want to take.

This is exactly why this system gives you:

  • Drawdown-Minimizing Money Management, because although you may make a winning trade, you won’t ever want to see your account taking a loss.
  • Break-Even System, so you never generate losses after making a profit because there’s nothing worse than coming up with a winning trade then losing everything.
  • Moving Average Virtual Stop-Loss, as you want the best in relation to managing your losses and taking advantage of rebounds.
  • Highest Profit Factor on the globe, to aid you to make more profits, quicker than any other automated solution available.
  • Martingale System, because you might like to turn it on. Not recommended though – safe-guarding your wealth is the crucial issue.
  • Scalability, to help you enjoy profits regardless of your account size, even if your capital grows to millions of dollars.
  • Small take-profit values, so you can make numerous low-risk trades winning 5 pips instead of one high-risk trade in the same period.

That is why this system is so successful when trading the currency exchange markets, but especially at the present time, as we enter a less volatile and more profitable period.

And because the worst of the financial doom and gloom has expired, the system is going to work through an unusually safe period, with astounding trading potential and stunning performance potential within the next 12-24 months.

This article has continued to discuss mega software tools for foreign currency trading, with particular emphasis on what could be the leading forex currency-trading robot available. It wasn’t created by experienced traders, tech geeks, or a math nerd. It was made by a talented trader.

Sorry to say, because of constraints on space, we cannot possibly cover the full details of the system presented here. But if you’re interested you may find out about this system, which is highly recommended to all foreign exchange traders and online business starters, re-starters, and professionals, by following this Top-Rated Foreign Currency Trading Robot link.

You can also learn about the best integrated web design, development, marketing, and hosting software-tool for starting, restarting, fixing, running, or optimising your web business by going to this Leading Internet-Marketing/Work-from-Home Business Web Design/Development site.


You do have a bright future in front of you. Yes, a bright future awaits you!

However helpless your circumstances are, a bright future awaits you. Regardless of how troubled you could be, delight stands on your path. It doesn’t matter how nervous you are, daring awaits you. Regardless how demoralised you might be, confidence awaits you.

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Dr A A Agbormbai has been setting up his work from home business since 2006 and possesses an array of achievements and experiences within this area. His articles bring his insights to you to assist you to succeed online.

Previously, Dr Agbormbai was a Senior Lecturer of Information Systems and Information Technology at a private university college in London. He has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Imperial College London, specialising in Spacecraft Aerodynamics. He has also worked as a Research Fellow in Fluid Dynamics.

Dr Agbormbai also plays a part in nation building by analysing national problems through his blogs, at political sites online, and providing incisive practical solutions to these problems. He’s the world’s top problem solving guru, having solved problems in such interdisciplinary areas as science, technology, business-enterprise, people, and national issues. These problems range between academic to practical.

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