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Find out if Online Tutoring Works?

By Guest Author On May 23, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Personal Development, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Does online tutoring work? Parents searching for a tutor wonder if online tutoring is a valid option for their student . While it is only natural for parents to have apprehension about the legitimacy of any tutoring situation, parents tend to be more cautious and suspicious of online tutoring than its offline counterparts .  

To find out if online tutoring will work for your student , it’s important to find out if online technology and techniques actually improve the role a tutor has in your student’s education and development. The following are questions that may assist you in seeing the benefit your student can obtain from an online tutor.

Who Can Tutor My Child ?

Tutors are professionals, sometimes certified teachers, who are very knowledgeable or maybe experts in their specific fields like typing, math, science, English or other subjects. Tutors are individuals skilled in assisting students to master their subject matter. Perhaps even more important, a great tutor helps a child develop self-confidence in the learning and academic process as a whole.

Can this mentor type relationship occur online? Certainly it can. Above all, tutoring requires communication. Online technologies easily provide another method for this communication to occur.

How Much Tutoring Does My Student Require ?

Generally, children who need one-on-one tutoring in a particular subject require coaching outside of school hours. Repetition and extra practice aids to boost the confidence of the student .

One or two one-hour sessions a week may be all the tutoring your student needs to keep up in harder subjects. If they are failing a subject, or really lacking confidence, you may need to schedule up to 3 or 4 hours a week temporarily until their performance and confidence improves .

A tutor can assist you in determining how much tutoring and scheduled time is appropriate for your student .

Can this be done online?

Again, this process simply involves a competent tutor and a technique of interaction and communication. Children often prefer online interaction and feel less inhibited than when face to face. This can be used as an advantage that makes online tutoring work and allows a tutor to accurately pin point a student’s abilities and comfort level with a subject.

How Can I Find a Tutor?

Students who require additional academic assistance can find tutors from schools or through referrals. Tutors may also be found from a search on the internet. There are large online tutoring companies, as well as small tutoring services with only one or two tutors. Whichever method you use , it is critical to take steps to ensure you are receiving the services of a true professional . This is why referrals are so helpful in finding the right private online tutor

What Subjects Can Be Taught Online?

Truthfully , just about any subject you can think of can be taught online. You’re only restricted by your tutors knowledge and their creativity to use online resources and techniques creatively and productively. Fortunately, most students intuitively adapt to these methods and start to learn how to use the computer and internet as a learning and communication tool quite quickly . 

Give Online Tutoring a Try

If your child can benefit from traditional tutoring, there really is no reason why they could not improve from the services of a skillful online tutor. Indeed there are advantages that can easily make online tutoring services beneficial for your student .



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