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Don’t Neglect The Basics, They are the Foundation to Becoming a Great Fighter

By Guest Author On February 7, 2011 Under Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Many Ellicott City Kickboxing classes and Ellicott City Muay Thai classes know that effective power can’t be accomplished without proper technique and form. Kickboxing is a sport that precision wins out more than wild abandon. Kickboxing basics are the foundation to success in this sport. The basics are the foundation that is used to build upon the rest of the skills that will be learned. If someone’s foundation is build on sloppy form and incorrect technique it becomes harder to begin building the intermediate let alone the advanced level skill set. Even professional fighters whose style looks like they have no formal training all have the basics as their foundation. The basic is like the roots of a tree. The fighter grows and branches out to try a new style or technique that works for them. If that style doesn’t work out for them then they always have the basics to fall back on.

So what are the basics? To most Columbia Kickboxing classes the basics are footwork, handwork, head movement, hip rotation, and timing. The basics sound simple enough and that is why it is often neglected. A fighter shouldn’t over-train one aspect of the basics.   This could lead to the fighter forgetting to, or just not wanting to spend much time on the other area.  All aspect of the basics has to work in unison to be able to start building upon. Fighters can’t have good head movement without good timing to match. They wouldn’t be able to counter attack an opponent as well either if footwork and handwork aren’t at the same skill level. Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to take a few steps forward.

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