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College Admission for the Gifted

By Guest Author On March 27, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Personal Development, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Some people  believe  that the kid  who scores high enough for advanced placement courses has it made when it comes to college admission , but that’s  seldom true  .  All college-bound students face challenges.  Students who are considered gifted are frequently creative , intellectual and show leadership qualities, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to work cut hard.  Here’s some advice for parents of the gifted.

1.  Every year counts.  Even though college is many years off, 7th and 8th graders  must learn to manage  their time if they hope to be able to parlay their natural talents into a successful academic career.  By the beginning of  high school, the gifted student should be ready to challenge himself or herself.  High school  is also the time to explore many areas of interest and decide which are most enjoyable .  Finally, in his or her junior and senior year gifted students should be trying to earn the highest GPA possible, narrowing down his/her college list, and beginning the college application process.is school are doing.  Taking a few online college courses might also be a good idea.

2.  Make decisions together~ Help your gifted students make important educational decisions }.  As a parent of a gifted student, it’s critical  to be aware of his sensitivities when it comes to  the pressure of   high  expectations.  Watch for major disappointment  if his grades aren’t perfect and a general sense of being  to critical of  himself to achieve more.  Be ready to come together and discuss options when it comes time to decide about co -curricular activities, and universities  to visit.  You want to make sure your child doesn’t feel isolated .

3.  Explore, explore, explore.  Gifted students often find themselves with more talents than they know what to do with.  While it’s great to explore any area of interest,  it’s also easy to become overwhelmed.  Guide your child to fully explore the things he’s interested in, but not all at the same time .                                              

4.  Prepare your child for competition.   Reaching college  as a high school valedictorian may leave one short on humility.  Sometimes the high achiever from high school has a hard time when he suddenly finds himself at college, in a bigger pool of equally successful students.  You can guard against this by emphasizing learning, not just academic achievement .

Gifted students and their like-aged friends  have similar paths  to  higher education .  The difference is that the gifted child often has so much potential that  it can sometimes become a burden .  If you simply let him know that you will help him break down the process into smaller, manageable sections you’ll be well on your way to a happy ending.

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