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Building your confidence

By Guest Author On January 14, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

The mystical case of the misplaced confidence


Some time ago , one of my first clients was a person who thought that she had totally lost her mojo and confidence . Some time ago she had run her own business and had been riding on a high , totally bubbling with confidence.

Then suddenly she said that she woke up and believed that her confident persona had disappeared.

It seemed to be a very unusual affair that had absolutely taken her by shock and she ended up quitting her own business to go and work for another company . She had taken a position where she wouldn’t have to present , however had now been asked to make a presentation to a big group , and was literally shaking .

What was she going to do?

The idea of even fashioning a talk to 1 other individual terrified her, however to a massive audience was giving her sleepless nights .

Having been a student on several NLP courses and hypnotherapy trainings in London, I had a variety of procedures to try out that I thought could make a incredible difference, but back then I wanted the practice of working with thousands of clients, so I also felt a little anxious in really serving her to get the outcomes she dreamed of . Yet , as I worked with her she found her confidence growing improbably rapidly . In fact, after only 2 sessions she sent me a letter to thank me for working with her and that not simply had her presentation gone implausibly great , but she also felt more confidence in every aspect of her life – even just ambling down the footpath .

This experience really told me that everyone has the incredibly resources within them to achieve whatever they want . All they need to do is get at the resources to achieve them.

I had studied lots of different types of t change techniques before I came across NLP and hypnotherapy, but only learning NLP and hypnotherapy gave really noteworthyand implausibly great results, ofttimes over a short period .

So, if you desire to change your life – maybe get more confidence, or get your drive back, here are a few procedures you could follow…

  1. Be really vivid about what you want
  2. Know what is stopping you from achieving your desires
  3. Really consider how your outcome would look, sound and feel
  4. Realise what potentials you would want to get your outcome
  5. Bring back events in the past that you had those resources and recall how they felt and what would be like to use those potentials in your current situation . If you can’t recall having the resources, then dom you know someone who has?
    How do they appear , sound and behave that show that they have the potentials you desire
    Imagine you are them and what it would feel like to have the confidence they have. Keep acting as if  you have their resources for a little while and you will start to upgrade them yourself.


recreate these keys and it will get you beginning in regaining your confident persona .

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