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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Getting good through competing

By Guest Author On April 14, 2011 Under Success Secrets

All martial arts schools in Maryland love it when their students compete. Lets imagine that you’ve won every BJJ local tournament in your area know you’re ready to try a big international BJJ tournament like Pan-American or Worlds. You have done all of the necessary preparations, drilled your game plan and got your game face on. You are fearless, calm and confident as you walk onto the mat.  In no time at all your opponent pulls guard and taps you with a kimura.  No one likes losing but it is not uncommon the first time you make the jump to an international tournament because the competition is a much higher level.  

At martial arts schools in Maryland the local level competition usually ranges from semi-casual to professional level BJJ competitors. Competing at these tournaments are good but they do not give the experience and quality of matches that is required to compete at the highest level.  The reason it is good to stay at a local level is because it gives you a chance to work on your fundamental. You can also try all of your new techniques and “B” game plan on the lower level without worrying about losing. It’s better to lose at a local level because they are usually the tournaments you use to figure out if you’ve improved or what you need to improve on before attempting to compete on the international level. Doing lots of local tournament will take out competition jitters cause after awhile you’ll begin to realize that they are all the same just different competitors.

When competing at international tournaments you should know who the big names are that are in your division. Important information can be obtained to help you win by scouting out your opponent. You would scout out your opponent by researching them through Google, YouTube, or even Facebook to see if they have their matches posted or which tournaments they medalled at. You should know pretty easily if the opponent is serious or not. Some martial arts schools in Maryland would recommend that you do the small international level tournament before attempting the big international one first. That way you’ll get use to their setup and referees. Once you’ve done a few local and small international tournaments you’ll dramatically increase your chances of success at the big international tournaments.      

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