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Are you taking ground or are you simply spinning your wheels?

By Guest Author On March 8, 2011 Under Self Help Tips, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

This morning I received a cellphone name from a friend… “Hey, are you busy?”  My response was, “No, I was about to twist up in the fetal position under my desk and take a nap.”  I’m willing to wager that nobody in my circle of friends would say they don’t seem to be busy. Nonetheless, I feel that’s the flawed question to be asking. A more apt question to ask is “Are you taking ground or are you just spinning your wheels?”  As human beings with an instinctive sense of integrity all of us keep ourselves basically busy during “work” hours. We lay our heads on the pillow at night time glad that we gave a dollars worth of labor for a dollars wage. We tend to evaluate ourselves by activity rather than results. It has been argued that 99 percent of the complete work force “works” less then three hours of an eight hour work day.  Of course we have to define “work”.  Work can be any activity that propels you forward, not sideways or backwards. A couple of issues that are not work are water cooler talks, restroom breaks (though they’re needed… it’s not work), coffee breaks, desk cleansing (sure it must be done… but it’s not work either), file searching,  computer “clean up”, private phone calls, texts and emails. Speaking of emails… *I discovered that the “average” worker checks their email seventy seven occasions a day!! Less than 2% of these emails have something to do with specific data for the job at hand.   These are unbelievable statistics!  It has never been simpler in the history of mankind to be distracted.  Status quo is Latin which means “the state through which”, to keep up and maintain the things the way they presently are. I do not believe in status quo, a stagnant state of being. I believe that issues are always in flux. To make this conclusion I can point out the truth that you might be losing weight this very moment (except you might be consuming one thing right now) and your muscle tissue are atrophying (except if you might be doing leg lifts while you learn this) nonetheless, your mental capability is rising (assuming you learn one thing from this article). We’re either gaining ground or losing ground.  Life’s a muddy mountain… 2 steps forward, one step back. By definition, when you transfer an inch forward…you’re taking ground. As a business coach and business consultant, I always tell my clients to bear in mind, some is at all times better than none…always!  Business and personal growth happen with small steps, one after another.
At the end of the day before you lay your head on your pillow, don’t ask yourself in the event you had been busy today… ask your self “Did I take ground today?”  And if you did… sleep peacefully understanding you earned your pay today… plus you sowed seeds for a successful tomorrow.

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