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ACT Scores and Scholarships: The Truth About ACT Scores

By Guest Author On March 19, 2011 Under Setting Goals, Success Secrets

When considering how important the ACT test is going to be in your life,  why not prepare for it properly? When you apply to a college, the college will look at several things to determine your acceptance and what scholarships you may be eligible for. Your non-academic activities such as sports, clubs, and student council, your grade point average , what specific classes you took and how compare to your peers , and finally your ACT test scores. Out of all these things your ACT score is the one that  is quite easy to improve, and if you do, you will likely be saving lots of money on tuition.

ACT Test Preparation

                The ACT will test you on everything you have learned during school , some things as elementary as adding apples and oranges. Unfortunately there are subjects that you may have never seen before . The ACT scoring system works very simply , the more questions you answer correctly the higher your score. They analyze your score on the different parts and arrive at your total. There is an incredible amount of information that you need to know in order to score well on an ACT and just a one point difference in an already good score could save you up to $5,000 annually on tuition. College is VERY expensive; with many schools these days costing over $20,000 annually . Yet, simply doing well on the ACT can save you a whole load of money. Practicing well for this test will indeed land you with a scholarship. (If you deliver a good score of course)

                But how should you go about preparing for this test in order to get a scholarship ? There are many ways to study for the ACT, and it depends on what kind of learner you are . You could go out and buy countless test prep books and do them all front to back three times each.  You could also take an ACT prep course from a local test preparation center that offers an actual teacher, not just a book . After taking these classes, make sure to take a practice test and have it graded before you take the real ACT! You must take one of the free ACT tests available  . This way you will see  what the real test is like  and how well you perform under stressful test conditions.  When you improve your weak areas,  you will get  a higher score and possibly many more thousand dollars on your scholarship.  All three of those methods of ACT test prep are most likely going to require some money spent, but it is well worth it ! Receiving a 25 on your ACT is good, but receiving a 30 AND a $5,000 annual scholarship is much better. There is proof of people improving their scores that much , and while you’ll probably get in   with a 25, wouldn’t you rather get accepted and land a big scholarship ?  Who wouldn’t?!          

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