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ACT Practice Tests: Does ACT Test Practice Really Help?

By Guest Author On March 30, 2011 Under Setting Goals, Success Secrets

                 Your ACT test score is one of the top three things that a college looks at when considering your entrance into their school. Your score on this very important test is just as, if not more important than your accumulative GPA. Changing your GPA takes  effort thorughout your entire highschool career . Your ACT score however, is quite easy to improve with a solid ACT study and preparation plan . And, if you improve even a little bit on this test you could save a whole load of money annually!

                 You might be wondering how to do this.   All you need to do is practice every  area that this test covers. The ACT test sometimes has tricky questions .  For example: In the math portion of the test there are usually several similar answers to each question. Unfortunately , every single answer listed is attainable, it just depends on how you do the problem . So it is imperative that you do the problem correctly the first time .

The English portion of the test involves reading stories and answering questions about those stories . This is often the hardest part for some students because in the hour you have to complete the English portion, there are so many stories to read and not enough time to read them . You must practice this section with a practice test in an effort to to get better at picking out important information . Do not spend too much time staring at one part,  you will fall behind and you will not finish.

                Almost everyone can say that a certain part of the test was easy . It simply takes time and practice to be good at it all. Go find a free ACT test , complete it and get it scored. Take note of the portions  you need to improve on and work on them . There are a couple places that can help you practice and improve. More often then not, high schools offer ACT review sessions. There are also local test preparation centers that do a very good job at preparing you for your test . True, this second option will cost some money but but it will be well worth it  when your higher score gets you even more scholarship money.

               Of course, after you have studied and practiced for the ACT you should take a second different practice test . Once you’ve completed this process of practice test-preparation-practice test your scores should have increased along with your confidence . You may find that all the ACT test practice you just did may have raised your scores significantly , and given you four or five thousand dollars in scholarship money annually. $16,000 to $20,000 off your college tuition, now tell me, is it worth it? . It is well worth it!!

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