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Access More Spiritual Energy Through Psychic Methods

By Guest Author On February 23, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Self Help Tips, Self Improvement, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

These days there is a human energy shortage. The negative energy that abounds these days days gets many of us down and for good reason. It is hard to make a person feel positive when there is so much negative influences around. Yet all is not lost when you use psychic methods to crank up more positive energy to come into your life. Psychic methods are empowering, give you a lift, and bring more light into your day to day living.

Psychics like Patrick Guerin have positive life transforming methods they only give out during psychic readings. These positive healing methods up till today are still rather mysterious and not many people know about. Let’s discuss some of the psychic healings that empower for great positive energy.

1. Mantras for mind empowerment. This is one of the most common psychic methods to access positive energy. There are many kinds of good mind and meditation CDs on the market and the point here is you are entering to a more tranquil consciousness and a deeper mind state.

This lets you become far more relaxed, creative, and in tune with your inner self and this is where your empowerment will come from. This mantra is used the calmness of safety of your home where youa are rightly centered.

2. Black Tourmaline Crystal. The black tourmaline stones are a valid way of blocking negative energy and so leave the aura intact and free from much of the negative vibrations that want to disrupt the healthy human aura. Psychics know energy vampires are very common. The kind of people which feed off the energy of your personal aura. The black tourmaline stones offer a solid form of energy protection when mixing with others of a dirty aura.

3. Phone Psychic Reading. Psychic chat is very purposeful as the psychic or clairvoyant will transmit his energy over the phone. It could be rather subtle at times and at the same time, you can notice about it especially when you can sense the psychic energy coming into you. If you are low in energy this is often a good idea to use it as a quick energy fix to get you over the bumps in life.

4. Check All Energy Sources in Environment. What this means is to check all appliances, food, water, and other energetic sources for the effect these insturments have upon your being. There are appliances which are very “draining” in nature and they will suck out your energy without your knowing. If you are able to identify those, one way is to remove them completely from your visible surrounding once and for all.

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