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“Are You Saying You’re NOT Online with Your At Home Based Business?”

By Guest Author On March 15, 2011 Under Success Secrets

At home based business proprietors should be proud due to the fact that as a small business, they are included in the 54% of the economy of the United States that is due to their efforts. It seems that we are seeing so much day-after-day regarding how the mega corporations are receiving bail-outs even though their miss-management issues were caused by their own behavior. These are individuals who have been behaving without decent integrity, are only thinking of themselves, only interested in their ability to make money, a absolute “snubbing” of building a dynamite customer environment  … it’s enough to want to make you “throw-up”!

But those all-American small businesses, just like your own work from home company, just keep pushing forward. They are the business people who are “in reality” participating in the health of our nation as they eternally have! How? By employing one employee at a time which in reality  promotes getting our country back to the employment level we need to maintain. Compared to large corporations, who treat people as a numbers pool, when a small business owner has to lay-off an employee, (whom they know by name), they agonize about having to do so because it’s like losing a member of the family.

If you can believe it, the “experts” are declaring that the economy has Bottomed out and the recovery is upon us, which we are seeing some evidence of.  Some folks, like Zig Ziglar for example, have decided not to be part of the recession – and a lot of home based small business people continue to employ plans  to keep them viable as well. Some top home based business professionals are really even growing in this tough environment!

With Spring in the air, and the economy on the mend, it’s time to take a look wherever you are and where you want your top home business to be?

The “stats” say there are still 13.6 million small businesses that are not using the Internet. And of those small businesses that have a website, 75% are not using it in an interactive way to growpromote their businesses. Basically, small business sites are similar to an online brochure with general info about the firm; hours of operation, how to get ther, telephone number, and an email address.

Here  are six super points to release the selling power of being online for your home based small business which is critical even for those working part-time trying to earn extra money from home!

An interactive web-site is critical for your at home based business if your objective is to:

  1. Grow your business
  2. establish trust and committal through relationship marketing
  3. Gain more customers
  4. Retain the customers you do have
  5.  Edit this text  Expand your product reach and be able to sell even when your business is closed
  6. Ultimately increase your bottom line.

In today’s world, if you are not online – relentlessly marketing your firm, you are leaving a ton of money on the table? To not take part in the customizable Internet advertising opportunities available now, all for free or very little cost, you are creating a huge hole in your promoting campaign!


Statistics say that most people miss at least one MAJOR opportunity every year. The fact is that if you took advantage of all the opportunities that you have missed, you’d be better off than you are now.

Laying the right foundation to launch an at home based business is one of those opportunities!

Our North Star At Home Business Success System will change your life TODAY! Click HereRIGHT NOW — to “ROCK” Your New Top Home Based Business!  We’ll show you how!



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