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“A Bad Economy Won’t Prevent You From Earning Extra Money From Home!â€

By Guest Author On February 17, 2011 Under Self Help Tips, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Beginning a company is challenging enough when the economy is robust but when you make up your mind to create a home based small business during a 9.5 percent unemployment measure – while foreclosures are at an all-time high and bankruptcies are reaching unheard of proportions – the odds of ever making any money seem beyond reach.

For a start-up work from home company ready to defy the odds, there are quite a few pluses to building an at home based business when the economy is in an economic downturn, and it could realistically be fulfilled without putting your company at financial risk. Those in the know will tell you that the out-and-out primo time to create a top home business is during an economic downturn, and quite a few well-known, highly successful organizations were launched during recessions as evidence.

How did these organizations thrive against the odds? They won because the entrepreneurs understood that there was a potential demand in the market and went after it. Identifying that marketplace need is the key to making money for any top home based business – irrespective of what the economy is doing when those marketplace needs are satisfied.

Hewlett-Packard initially began as a home based small business when it was built in a garage during the Great Depression with initial expenses of just $538. It was the initial high-tech business to surpass $100 billion in revenue and is now functioning in just about every nation globally. 

At the height of The Great Depression Charles Revson made up his mind to build a cosmetics company he named Revlon that began as an at home based business with just one product, nail enamel in a variety of colors. Today, the business  is one of the most thriving cosmetics organizations on the planet. 

Microsoft wasn’t forever the incredibly successful operation it is today. In 1975, in the middle of a recession when it was built by Harvard University dropout Bill Gates, Microsoft as just a tiny work from home company in Albuquerque, N.M.

GE was built in 1876 by the amazing American inventor Thomas Edison. In the haze of the Panic of 1873, a six-year recession, Edison began one of the best-known inventions ever; the incandescent light bulb in his home based lab.

Ideas for Beginning a Top Home Based Business in a Recession

The added risk of loss during a recession demands that your new business expenses are managed as inexpensively as possible. Businesses that start and survive during a recession are in the best position to take advantage of the inevitable economic upturn. Companies that set back their launch until the economy shows signs of growth are that much further behind, and give an advantage to entrepreneurs who took the gamble of launching during a recession. Keep new business costs small by: 

Not giving up your day job. If you’re lucky enough up to now, to have a steady job, try starting your company in your off-hours to find out if your plans will enable you to earn extra money from home. You’ll have the money coming in from your existing employment to meet your household budget and can focus on making your new at home based business profitable without the taking such a big chance. 

Not buying, leasing or renting office space. Most businesses could be started right from your home which is your objective, right?. Don’t spend yout hard earned money on an office space or retail storefront until your business volume shows it is essential. Use your kitchen table, home office, basement or garage as office space. Many firms will never need to venture outside the home. 

Not hiring full-time workers. If you need support from other people, usethink about utilizing contract workers and issue 1099s instead of hiring people on the clock. Outsourcing is also a dynamite way to get extra assistance! 

Not blowing funds on advertising. I’m not saying to downplay the importance of marketing but know there are countless ways to promote your enterprise, product or service without spending much money. Remember that you’re the best promoter for your business and it’s products and services. 

Recession Proof Business Categories

Whenever doable, you should look at starting companies in business categories that are thought of as “recession proof”. These are the industries where consumers will still pay for the products or services offered even when available capital is tight. Recession proof industries usually fall under: 

  • Food
  • Health care, including psychology and substance abuse
  • Internet, computers, and social media – fixing other peoples computers, putting up web-sites and driving traffic. People aren’t buying new equipment and are looking for cheaper ways to advertise
  • Security and criminal justice
  • Training – adults go back to school when they lose their jobs and more high school graduates will go to college because they can’t find jobs right now
  • International business – just because the economy is bad in the US doesn’t mean it is everyplace else 

Deciding Your NicheMarketplace

When launching a new at home based business, whether you provide a product or render a service, you should something that separates you from everything else that’s already accessible. Your ultimate success is characterized by your ability to be both unique and topping your competition! By adhering to these principles you’ll supply a need in the marketplace. 

One of the best ways to find your market is to create a business that furnishs something that you may have personally needed but couldn’t find anyplace. If you couldn’t find something you needed, the odds are good others have the identical need. If you own a home based small business enterprise that fills a void in the market  and can be created without mortgaging “the ranch”, you’re in good shape–no matter what economic situation we’re in.


Statistics say that most people miss at least one MAJOR opportunity every year. The fact is that if you took advantage of all the opportunities that you have missed, you’d be better off than you are now. 

Laying the right foundation to launch an at home based business is one of those opportunities!

Our North Star At Home Based Business Success System will change your life TODAY! Click HereRIGHT NOW — to “ROCK” Your New Top Home Business!  We’ll show you how!

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