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A Journey In To The World Of Fitness & Body Building – Gujarati Speakers Survival Guide

By Guest Author On February 20, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

This report is supposed for information purpose only and relates to a personal accounts of utilizing drug free approaches in health and fitness and body building.

Ever since I can recall I always wanted to be bigger. My parents had been of modest stature and I had unfortunately been handed their genes. At school I keep in mind being of quite slender build and not especially tall. At this age however all people is usually of a similar sort of size and it did not matter.

As I got to secondary school and my friends began shooting up in height all round me and I remained the same old me, it dawned on me for the first time that this might be a major problem in the foreseeable future.

My mother and father had taught me little concerning good diet regime or physical exercise and I remember the concept of eating break first in the early morning was totally alien to me. My parents were not academically qualified folks and did their very best to bring my siblings and me up the way they themselves had been raised.

We were comparatively poor and I can recall their never being an abundance of healthy food about the home. We ate the same old dish just about every day which was pasta or rice complemented by chicken or a meat dish. Seldom were there ever any greens in our diet or a normal consumption of fruit.

My poor diet combined with absence of sleep and a badly organised way of life provided the framework for a little, puny and unfit physic.

As I got into my college years when it was the norm to be over six foot high and I was only a mere 5 foot seven inches high. To add to matters I weighed in at approximately 9 stone and looked like a skeleton coated by a thin layer of skin.

I thought my size was a immense barrier to my triumph in just about every area which includes college, relationships, sports and even my social life. I hated being small and blamed all my difficulties and frustrations on my size. I believed like I had to be big to validate myself as a male. All the men in my college who were feared in most cases had been taller, larger and stronger. These men were as I considered the alpha male gang and I desired to be with them and not with weaklings.

I have constantly been ambitious; this is one of the few qualities my father taught me. My father often said there was no space for losers in his house and made positive to unwittingly demolish what small self esteem I had by regularly placing me and my brothers down.

I had endured enough and made a decision to join up to the neighborhood weight lifting group at my sports activities centre. It was a once a week class for about 60 minutes but this would soon lay the footsteps for a life time of rigid military style self-discipline in weight lifting and dieting.

It was at this class that I saw a guy flickingthrough the pages of a body building journal named Muscle & Fitness. I noted the name and the following day drove out and bought my copy. This magazine would later become my Bible for body building triumph.

I obtained every single monthly copy and read just about every single report. Quickly I started to get a lot more knowledgeable on workout and nutrition. The pictures of the body builders and health and fitness athletes had been my hero’s and I was permanently dreaming of achieving a near ideal physic like individuals in the picture.

I took the most cost-effective gym membership accessible and began workouts 7 nights weekly. I obtained low level protein powder and other health supplements that I could manage on a quite limited budget. I started to eat every three hrs as advised in the magazines and hoped for the best.

After months of training I had gained some lean mass and my body looked fairly toned. I would stand next to the men in college who had by no means trained a day in their existence and still appeared double my measurements. I was demoralised and made the decision that putting in this kind of hard work and achieving this kind of puny gain was fruitless.

I recognized that I must have been making a mistake somewhere so I proceeded to go back again to fundamentals and analysed the three key parts of body building.

Diet regime

The initial element was diet and though I had been consuming every three hrs the quality of my nutrition was poor. Eating 20 doughnuts is not equivalent as consuming an 8 ounce steak. I afterwards refined my diet plan to involve a much higher quantity of protein to match my body weight. I would eat mainly tuna, chicken and from time to time lean beef. I combined this with excellent quality carbohydrates like jacket potato, brown rice and wholemeal pasta. As my personal finances got much better I purchased a far better quality protein powder and would drink 2 shakes each day. I elevated the total volume of vegetables in my diet plan and added a piece of fruit to every meal.


Having seen other folks work out I recognized that my 45 mins in the gym of playing round with weights was useless. I halted work out 7 nights a week and only trained 4 nights. I divided my weight lifting into key muscle groups to gain mass quickly. This was made up of one day back and shoulder workout, one day chest work out, one day thighs and legs and the fina day was for arms. I started weightlifting heavy and hard and observed that I could truly lift much more than I imagined if I put 100% into my training routine.

Rest & Recuperation

Work out 7 days a week for someone who is a hard gainer is a total waste of time. Your body requires time to recover and repair the muscle fibre you have torn whilst training and in the process lay down new muscle tissue. It is thus essential for you to give your body the suitable amount of relaxation required to repair itself prior to you hit the gym again. As a guideline of thumb, discomfort is a indicator to stop. If your muscle tissues are still sore from your last program then you need much more relaxation.

Having utilised my new routine I rapidly began packing on muscle. it was challenging work maintaining up with the self-discipline but 2 years later my body was looking fantastic with top quality muscle and I was radiating health.

I wish you all the very best success with your training and remember to stay focused.

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