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6 Myths about employee Motivation.

By Guest Author On June 24, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Self Help Tips, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

Motivating workers is a particularly necessary to managers and supervisors. Regardless of the significance of the topic, several myths persist — particularly amongst new managers and supervisors. Before we take a look at what management can do to help the motivation of employees, it is vital first to clear up these common myths.

1. Myth 1 — “I can motivate individuals”
Not likely — they must encourage themselves. You can’t inspire employees anymore than you can empower them. Staff have to inspire and empower themselves. Nevertheless, you can arrange an surroundings the place they best inspire and empower themselves. The key is figuring out how one can arrange the surroundings for every one of your employees.

2. Myth 2 — “Money is an efficient motivator”
Not really. Certain things like cash, a nice workplace and job security will help folks from becoming less motivated. A secret is to know the motivations of each of your employees. Extrinsic motivation is something exterior, outside themselves. Employee Recognition Awards are perfect extrinsic motivators. They’re excellent for short time period progress, however it rarly lasts, (consider the Pavlov dog salivating scenerio). Trophies, gift certificates and free lunches do work in the short term as well.

3. Myth 3– “Fear is a rattling good motivator”
Fear is a superb motivator — for a really brief time. That’s why a variety of yelling from the boss will not appear to “light a spark below staff” for a really long period of time.

4. Myth 4 — “I know what motivates me, so I know what motivates my employees”
Not really. Completely different people are motivated by different things. I may be greatly motivated by earning time away from my job to spend extra time my family. You might be motivated much more by recognition of a job effectively done. People are not motivated by identical things. You might love getting plaques to hang in your office wall, others may want a new title.  Once more, a key goal is to grasp what motivates each of your employees.

5. Myth 5 — “Increased job satisfaction means increased job performance”
Analysis shows this isn’t essentially true at all. Elevated job satisfaction doesn’t necessarily mean elevated job performance. If the objectives of the organization are usually not aligned with the goals of employees, then employees aren’t successfully working towards the mission of the organization.

6. Myth 6 — “I am unable to comprehend worker motivation — it’s a science”
Not true. There are some very primary steps you may take that will go a great distance toward supporting your staff to encourage themselves towards elevated performance of their jobs.

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