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30 Trusty Tips: Learn Math Skills to Improve Grades in School

By Guest Author On February 17, 2011 Under Success Secrets

Math is valuable skill in life . Are you searching for a way to improve and learn math skills? Would you like to better your grades in school, especially in math ? If so , you’ve come to the right place!  

Browse through the methods below and choose two or three that you don’t practice and implement them into your school ritual .  By doing this, you will learn math skills but you will also increase your knowledge and study in such an essential subject …MATH. You may even surprise yourself and your parents and get an A in math.

CRUCIAL SKILLS-It is necessary to understand the following skills in order to increase your understanding of mathematics and learn math skills.  Your level of understanding will vary based on your grade level.

1. Know the related addition or subtraction math facts required for your grade level.

2. Know the related multiplication or division math facts requirement for your grade level.

3. Learn the meaning of addition and subtraction and how they are related .

4. Learn the meaning of multiplication and division and how they are related .

5. Search out patterns in numbers and symbols to further your understanding of concepts .

6. Practice estimating numbers in the following place values: Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Hundred Thousands, Millions, and Billions

ASSIGNMENT METHODS – Practice these skills when managing your assignments at home or school .

7. Always complete your daily assignments and be willing to do more assignments.

8. Make a daily assignment note pad .

9. Keep a journal or project book of math activities.

10. Be sure you take daily work home every night.

11. Be careful and work slow on assignments.

12. Take part in math enrichment activities.

13.Double check your work for errors before you hand them in

STUDY HABITS- Get in the routine of doing these activities to strengthen and learn math skills.

14. Review concepts taught in class every night , regardless of whether or not an assignment has been issued .

15. Prepare for tests or develop math puzzles for review.

16. Take advantage of review opportunities, before test, regardless of when they are held for example during: recess, lunch, before school and after school.

17. Review the most crucial definitions of math vocabulary.

TEACHING OTHERS AND HONING YOUR SKILLS- In order to retain information at the highest level you should teach those skills to others.  It is also important to bolster a deep understanding of the concepts.

18. Make sure to ask questions when you have troubles understanding information.

19. Provide tutoring for a friend or younger student.

20. Make up math problems to challenge friends or family

PROBLEM SOLVING METHODS – Use any of these methods to solve problems.

21. Draw a diagram.

22. Build a model and act out a problem.

23. Implement trial and error then test the result.

24. Work the problem in reverse .

25. Search for for a pattern.

26. Create a table.

By implementing these methods you will enable yourself to be more successful in math and improve your grades in school!

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