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10 Minutes for Mind and Memory Power Improvement

By Guest Author On April 4, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Personal Development, Setting Goals, Success Secrets

If you were under the belief that it would require hours of work and practice to increase your mind and memory, you were mistaken. If you want to attain this goal, you can practice memory power exercises for only ten minutes a day. Here are a few measures to help you in your pursuit of a excellent memory. • Utilize mind maps: Your brain will tend to have a superior memory for pictures, so you really should map your thoughts by putting them on paper. Committing your thoughts to paper will make your brain remember the information. Therefore, whenever you need to look at the information once again, it will appear like you already know it. • Utilize the linking method: Make an attempt to link old or dull content into more readable and noteworthy material, which is a significant part of how to boost the memory. This will help you recall them easier at a later time. For instance, it can be difficult to remember 12365, however, it will be much easier to recall if you create associations as follows: 1 year = 12 months = 365 days. • Brain games help: Games that make you think are helpful. A lot of courses for memory improvement advise the use of games to keep the brain active and the neural interactions agile. Some games are: logic puzzles, word scramble, crossword puzzles, Scrabble, Word Power, Rubik’s Cubes, Sudoku, chess, and other thinking games. • Exercise your eyes: Move your eyeballs from one side to the other for half a minute a day as a kind of workout. This will lead to the two parts of your brain to communicate better, so this will support your effort to increase your Memory ability. • Plan your workout schedule and diet: In order to have a healthy mind, a person needs to have a healthy body. Therefore, it is a good idea to exercise on a daily basis and eat foods that are critical to making the memory stronger. The power you have to remember is based on your attention span, plus how quick your brain can keep and retrieve details. You may have issues remembering if any of these methods don’t work right. Therefore, you ought to practice these memory improvement methods that were Earlier referred to on a daily basis in order to reinforce your brain and your mind’s capability to recall. To check out the phases of memory  improve your memory tricks & keep your mind quiet just click here


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