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You can Decorate Your Family’s Home Without Spending Tons of Money

By Guest Author On April 26, 2011 Under Setting Goals

It used to be easy to decorate your house-you just called your favorite decorator and made an appointment. Sure for some people this is still an option. For the rest of us, decorating our homes is something that we see as unaffordable. Many people put off decorating their homes until they have more money because they think that home decorating is too expensive a project to begin. Thankfully there are plenty of budget friendly ways that you can put a personal touch on your home. This article has some tips for quick decorating at affordable prices.

Thrift stores are great. Great bargains can be found at thrift stores and other types of second hand stores for people who are looking to save money while they decorate. There are lots of decorative items on thrift store shelves, you just need to learn how to be creative with what you find on the shelves. With some creativity you can turn just about anything you find while thrift shopping into décor. Even the loud patterned clothing can be taken apart so that the fabric can be used for other things. If you want really great stuff from your thrift store shop at the thirft stores in the wealthier areas of town.

Use the internet. Photographers as well as other artists put their work up for sale online. Etsy is just one portal through which people sell their handmade items for reasonable prices. Many artists upload their work for free to community sites like Flickr where you can look through their portfolios for free. Many home decorators find great stuff through artists’ personal websites. Thankfully you are no longer limited to finding home decorating items through sites like Amazon and Ebay.

A great idea for people who love photography is to print photos that are open sourced on sites like Flickr. The work that is found through stock photo sites or through sites like Flickr is usually considered “open source” so you are almost always free to print the photos yourself or have them printed by professionals. Decorating your house with a ton of awesome photography can be as easy as find and print and for only the cost of some color prints at your local print shop. Using your own photos is another way to decorate with photography. Even a quick snapshot can be made to look like a professional photo with the right editing software. You can have a lot of fun and save yourself lots of money by editing your own photos.

The best way to decorate your home is to practice some self control. Price isn’t everything-inexpensive items are just as good as expensive items. Be careful when you start looking through galleries and exhibits. Go after the art and décor that you like and that will fit in with your existing scheme. Take a look around-you probably already own a bunch of great pieces! Think outside the box! If you have an old watering pot you can turn it into a centerpiece! Consider your first instincts and then ask yourself “how can I do that…but cheaper?”

When decorating your home be sure to take a look at sites such as Edmonton House Painter or Edmonton House Painters

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