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What is the Healthiest Fast Food?

By Guest Author On August 17, 2011 Under Setting Goals

At this time of year, when most of us have spent that past month gorging ourselves on festive treats, fast food should be the last thing on our minds. Unfortunately we can’t control our cravings and all these new years resolutions, the diets the detox and the exercise gives us an almost overwhelming hankering for a big juicy burger. Though it may feel like you deserve it, having dieted for three weeks straight, this would be the worst time. You will be glad to hear however that you need not totally cut fast food out of your life.


So where should you eat? Truth be told, no fats food could be described as healthy, if you are really 100% dedicated all your meals will prepared at home with arange cookers to carefully construct a meal tailored to your own needs. Doesn’t sound too appealing? Don’t fret then, if you are going out with the intention of eating fast food, don’t try to dress it up as healthy, go all out and enjoy yourself.


At the same time, i you do want to be pedantic then the fast food joints can be ranked on their likelihood to make you obese. The worst thing you can do is eat an entire large pizza to yourself, the carbs and fat are through the roof, particularly if you get a meta feast variety, which typically houses a triumvirate of ham, pepperoni and salami. It is possible to eat relatively healthily in the golden arches, opt for a chicken salad, without breading or any dressing and diet drink or some tea or coffe.


Subway is somewhat of a paradox; while they have fridges full of lean meats and fresh vegetables, the added extras like sauces and desserts can be fatty. In summary, be careful and choose wisely, or your jeans may end up tighter than when they firstcome out the Bosch washing machines

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