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The Importance Of Your Credit Score

By Guest Author On January 31, 2011 Under Setting Goals

Does your credit report matter?

 We all know that our credit scores  have to be reviewed occasionally.     Keeping our credit  score clean and accurate at all times is very important. 

A lot of people neglect their credit score because they think its not relevant.  Perhaps they already have a car and a house and they don’t have any plans of buying any of those in the future or they don’t have any plans of getting a loan.   It never occurred to them that credit reports are more  relevant  than what they actually  think because   many  institutions will refer to their credit reports before  making decisions about them.

 The importance of a Credit Report

If you plan to rent an apartment, your landlord can check on your Credit Report before deciding whether to let you rent or not.    you will most probably be required lesser security fees or security deposit if your landlord or landlady finds that you have a good credit report.    On the other hand, if you have a bad credit score chances are your landlord will ask for more security fees or deposit to decrease the risk should you be unable to pay him.   Because eviction is a traumatic and long process, landlords or landladies often check credit scores to avoid it in the future. 

 Credit scores can sometimes haunt you when your looking for a job.  It may be uncommon for employers to check out your credit history but it surely happens.  Employers want to know how trustworthy you are.  . And sometimes they make it as a basis for hiring you or not.

 Can  a bad Credit Report be fixed?

In fixing your Credit Report, all you have  to do is to diligently review it and fix any inaccuracies or errors.  If you are already regularly checking it, just continur to do it because errors just pop up unexpectedly.

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