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The Electronic Cigarette Is A New Stop Smoking Alternative

By Guest Author On February 28, 2011 Under Setting Goals

There are a large amount of smoking cessation products on the market these days and selecting the correct one could be a hard decision.  Patches, lozenges and gums are all offered to assist smokers kick the dependency.  Now there’s a new alternative although it cannot be sold as a smoking cessation device thanks to the FDA – the electronic cigarette.  Conventional anti-smoking products have some drawbacks that the electronic cigarette does not have.

Gums and lozenges are the first product that many will try but their effectiveness leaves a great deal to be desired.  Even though both offer the oral stimulation, you are still left with a nasty flavor.  The makers attempt to mask the tobacco taste with heavy fake flavors like mint or cinnamon.  Sorry to say, when these flavors fade, the product tastes terrible.  Plus these products don’t help with the other factors such as doing something using your hands so you still wind up restless and yearning a smoke.

Patches can work well for some individuals.  They come in different strengths to be able to “step down” in your nicotine levels which can be very helpful.  Although, patches have some dangers for many.  For one, the adhesive method and latex used in the patches causes skin allergic reactions for many, sometimes as severe as a chemical burn.  For others, patches can cause heart attacks if the individual forgets and lights up.  You need to be very cautious in doing away with the used patches, as well.  The nicotine left on them may cause nicotine poisoning if a small child comes across them or even your pet.

The electronic cigarette replaces all the experience of the typical cigarette so it satisfies consumers with a realistic experience.  They can step down with nicotine levels, as with the patch, but without the hazards.  The electronic cigarette is available in flavors that can be used as an alternative to tobacco so there isn’t any aftertaste.  Whether approved to be sold as a smoking cessation device or not, the truth of the matter is thousands of people have quit using the electronic cigarette.

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