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Smokeless Cigarette – How Do The Work?

By Guest Author On May 24, 2011 Under Setting Goals

People often ask how a smokeless cigarette can please a person compared to a tobacco cigarette.  To answer that, one has to look at how these devices operate as well as what goes into them.  While each brand name is created a bit different or in different sizes, they all contain similar basic parts to them and function the same.

A smokeless cigarette is naturally tube shaped, to approximate the look and feel of a traditional cigarette.  When you take it apart, you’ll find there is a mouthpiece, a chargeable battery, a vaporizer and some circuitry to make all of it work together.  With some brand names, you’ll find these fundamental components combined in order to make a unit with as few as 2 parts but when you take them apart, they will all be in there.

Some devices will require you to push a button to turn on the heating part called the atomizer while others this will come on automatically when you puff on the device.  The heating element is named an atomizer because the heat is what turns the liquid inside the cartridge to vapor.  This vapor is breathed in through the mouthpiece in addition to being some being released from the other end of the tube.

This procedure helps to realistically recreate the sensation a smoker gets from traditional products as they inhale in the water vapor like they used to breathe in smoke.  The plume coming out the other end enhances this effect.  The smokeless cigarette, particularly the smaller ones, are held the same as a typical cigarette, too, further enhancing the realistic sensation.

Since the fluid within the cartridge contains nicotine, this gives the smoker the effect they yearn for but without the remainder of the harmful substances found in tobacco.

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