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Kickboxing & the Plateau Effect

By Guest Author On May 12, 2011 Under Setting Goals

In Maryland kickboxing classes are combating more than just their opponents. Many times a kickboxer reaches a point where they feel that there they are not getting any better.   They feel like they are training without a purpose because they cannot see or feel a change. After training for a long time this becomes even more common.  This slump in training is called the Plateau Effect. Kickboxers experience the Plateau Effect while training more than any other contactsport. This is because kickboxing is hard to gauge progress without sparring unlike with Brazilian jiu-jitsu where you can gauge your progress by sparring or rolling and see what areas need improvement. Even if a kickboxer progresses themselves to a level of having perfect technique they will begin to plateau because they stopped climbing to the top because they feel like they reached the top. They may just need a little push or motivation to continue to climb the mountain. 
Severn Kickboxing classes are coming up with ideas to challenge their students to battle the Plateau Effect. One of the ideas is to talk their students into participating in sparring. It’s tremendously hard for athletes to feel like they are plateauing when a lot of the combinations that they use don’t work or they realize that their technique gets sloppy because they are getting tired. They will no longer feel like they are at the top of the mountain after sparring. That will make the athlete want to train harder to build cardio conditioning and clean of their combinations and start thinking about using strategy.
Although sparring is the best way to battle the Plateau Effect Arnold Kickboxing classes know that every student is not ready to spar so the next best thing is the build them towards doing light sparring drills to simulate real sparring with full contact.

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