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What Is Water Assisted Liposuction?

By Guest Author On July 9, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Law of Attraction, Self Improvement

Liposuction has seen lots of technological developments in its day, but one of your most recent and most exciting developments entails something very easy: water.  H2o Assisted Smart Lipo, which has become in development since 2000, but which has only been performed in the final couple of many years, might be the new thing to look at in the discipline of fat-removal surgical treatment.

Lipolysis has seen plenty of technological advancements in its day, but 1 with the latest and most thrilling developments entails something very basic: drinking water.  Drinking water Assisted Smart Lipo, which has been in development because 2000, but which has only been carried out inside the last few years, may possibly be the new factor to watch inside the discipline of fat-removal surgical treatment.

Water-assisted lipolysis is performed using the Body Jet Lipolysis machine, which can be currently the only registered gadget for performing water assisted lipolysis.  The Physique Jet utilizes a special cannula which has openings on both the sides as well as the leading.  The opening at the prime shoots out high strain h2o which, as soon as inserted to the physique, breaks down fat even though leaving nerves and blood vessels intact.  The side holes suction away the mixture of extra fat and fluid that outcomes.

The simultaneous disruption and removal of excess fat has a number of advantages.  It reduces tissue swelling and significantly cuts down surgical time as well as the time the individual is uncovered to anesthetic.

Water-assisted liposuction also improves the recovery procedure.  A examine performed by Araco and Gravante evaluating the post-op expertise of sufferers of water-assisted smart lipo and traditional smartlipo discovered a number of advantages.  Water-assisted lipolysis sufferers had less bruising and considerably less discomfort than sufferers of conventional smart lipo.  Water-assisted smart lipo sufferers required fewer pain killers.  Furthermore, following a mere 4 days, 87% from the h2o assisted liposuction sufferers inside the research stated they were totally free of discomfort, as in contrast to a mere three.6% of standard laserlipo patients.

Some studies also suggest that water-assisted smart lipo might have extra benefits.  Water-assisted smartlipo may possibly be able to get rid of cellulite, which traditional lipo techniques cannot get rid of.  Often, traditional laserlipo causes an increase in cellulite as a result of an extra of saggy, loose skin.  The far more exact and delicate procedures of water-assisted laserlipo decreases tissue harm and may aid steer clear of the issue of broken skin and cellulite.

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