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The Best Way To Get Over Someone You Love

By Guest Author On March 16, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Improve Your Self Esteem, Self Improvement, Setting Goals


The first and foremost thing you have to ask yourself is whether the romance is really over.  Are you actually still hoping against hope that he or she will take you back?  When the telephone rings, do you immediately believe that it is your ex asking you out?  If so, it is actually not over yet, at least for you.

Your ex may be extending the agony by phoning frequently or telling you that it really is okay to “just be friends.”  Perhaps at a later date you can hang out again, but right now, it is actually time to cut them off cold turkey.  You have got to decide that the romance is really over in order to get over a person you completely love.

Next, you need to cut out all of the remaining ties you have to your ex.  One particular way to do this is to get rid of or exchange all personal property.  Box up all of the items he or she has left at your home and ask that they give you back your belongings.  If some things are too trivial to exchange, (like a toothbrush) throw them away.  If  your ex has given you expensive personal property like nice jewelry, consider selling or auctioning it. 

You must also get rid of the non-physical ties to your ex.  As an example, delete them from your speed dial and take their photograph off your facebook page.  If they call you, do not answer the phone.  Don’t respond to emails either.

If you have intermingled finances, this is a good time to sort them out.  Pay off any loans and separate any assets such as real estate or checking accounts.

Once you have made the decision to proceed, you have to start filling your life up with various other people and activities.  In the time you used to spend with your ex, go to the gym, volunteer, join a class or club.  Fill your life up with busy work that can keep your body and mind engaged.

As you begin to get engaged in fresh activities, you are sure to start meeting a new group of people.  Be open to going out on dates .  Don’t worry if the person asking you out isn’t necessarily “Mr. Right or Mrs. Right.”  Go out on a friendly date just to get back into circulation.

As you start to make new friends and even foray back into the dating world, you will begin to make new connections.  When you begin to look forward to spending time with a new guy or gal, you will know that your heart has started to recover.

Getting over someone does not occur quickly.  You need to grant yourself time.  During this time, you can cater to your needs and interests.  You can treat yourself and not have to worry about the needs of a partner. 

The best answer to how to get over someone is to find someone new.

In order to find more dating and romantic relationship assistance, do a google search of points like “dating flirt” “effective flirting” or even “sexual flirting“, you’ll get an abundance of relationship ideas. When you do that you will have all the data you’ll need to work with and you’ll going to have a good idea of how to get over your breakup, then find and have a good relationship.

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