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The Awkward First Date Interaction – Come Up With A Fun And Wonderful Conversation

By Guest Author On June 4, 2011 Under Law of Attraction, Self Improvement

First date conversations can be uncomfortably slow at times. You don’t know much about the individual and you have no history with them so it might be challenging to find things to talk about. Add a little bit of nervousness and tension to the scenario and things are downright awkward.

This short article will give you several ideas to help you start wonderful conversations on a date with women that you might not know very well. But first, research: erik von markovik, erik von markovik dating, and dating erik von markovik. It is important to understand a couple of things about socializing on dates.

Men and women like to talk about themselves! Most of us would rather talk about our life than listen to somebody else talk about theirs. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, it’s just human nature. With that in mind  the conversation starters I give you later in this article deliberately focus the conversation on the other individual.

It’s an excellent idea to keep all conversations positive. Never bring up negative issues like death. It is also wise to avoid controversial subjects like religion, politics, and abortion until you get to know the individual better.

Try desperately to keep away from all “canned” conversations like, “So, what do you do for a living?” or, “Where are you from?” These things are important to know later on, but it makes you seem dull and unoriginal. It is not the kind of image you want to portray on the very first date.

Here are some excellent conversation starters that focus the conversation on the other person:

“Have any pets?”

This ought to start up a lively conversation since people adore their pets and love talking about them even more. If they don’t have any pets then just move on to something else. Or, you could ask, “Really? Why don’t you want one?”

“Where did you get that _______?”

Ask about a particular piece of jewelry or clothing. This conversation starter works especially well with a really distinctive piece of jewelry or clothing. Perhaps it is something they may be interested in talking about.

“Have you ever ________?”

Ask about anything that you might be knowledgeable about or enjoy doing. This is really a good way to find out if you have common ground.

“Do you enjoy sports?”

Men AND women are passionate about sports and all enthusiasts take pleasure in talking about them. Who knows, you both may enjoy the exact same sport. Why not get tickets and go to a game for your next date?

“Have you ever been to ________?”

Ask them if they have ever been to a local hot spot that you enjoy. Perhaps it is a club, restaurant, or theme park. If they HAVEN’T been there then this is an excellent way to get a second date. “You haven’t been? You do not know what you are missing out on. We have got to go.” All of these conversation starters are centered around topics that have the potential for intriguing and exciting conversation.

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