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By Guest Author On September 6, 2009 Under Self Improvement

Just my expression
it does not mean that its right
but in my opinion it is

plz rate subscribe and comment

Duration : 0:6:7

[youtube cpRTT8zHYcE]

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20 comments - add yours

September 6, 2009

you are a cool dude …
you are a cool dude. thanks for that . Good luck in all you do


September 6, 2009

You are an amazing …
You are an amazing person — especially for your age!

You seem to want to help others, and you are also into physique development. You’d be a perfect personal trainer, or someone working in a gym or health spa. You’d be excellent with helping others reach their own goals.

You seem kind and generous, and you have natural leadership qualities.

You’ve got it all, dude.

Peach out!


September 6, 2009

you do have talnet …
you do have talnet prety unique person


September 6, 2009

seem like a good …
seem like a good kid! And you seem to have a good handle on becoming the man you want to be. Viva Georg!


September 6, 2009

What I do for self …
What I do for self confidence? I tell people when they look good… for instance if I see a cute guy/girl, I walk up to them and say, ‘Damn, you’re cute… I just wanted to let you know that.’ It boosts their confidence and mine…. just thought I’d share.


September 6, 2009

georg you do very …
georg you do very well .keep working hard in the gym and in school . thankyou for sharing


September 6, 2009

Georg, you are …
Georg, you are funny and you are a good guy. I am plenty confident of that! Keep up the nice video work and keep working out!


September 6, 2009

jau sehr gute worte …
jau sehr gute worte. Georg!!!
da sieht man, du hast auch Grips im Hirn. :P. nicht nur muckies… klase video


September 6, 2009

Georg! you are very …
Georg! you are very good looking…very talented, very funny, very smart. i think your just great. But tell Tobias to get off of Halo and address his fans…if he wants to send a special hallo to Analisa, lol i promise i;ll leave him alone…(he’s cute!)


September 6, 2009

self confidence, is …
self confidence, is being able to sit in front of the camera, and state your opinions, without being “cocky”. You got it Georg. people love you,,smart funny, muscular,,all the above 5/5


September 6, 2009

Spot on mate, …
Spot on mate, acceptance.


September 6, 2009

Interessante …
Interessante Einstellung zum Selbstbewusstsein. ich denke man muss Selbstbewusstsein ausstrahlen, damit die anderen Leute merken, dass man selbstbewusst ist. Die Einstellung muss also von innen kommen und nicht durch andere Personen beeinflusst sein. Wenn man selbst eine innere Stärke hat, dann kann man sie auch nach auißen austrahlen. Dann ist egal, was andere denken und sagen


September 6, 2009

ahhhhh ! :3
sorry …

ahhhhh ! :3
sorry, I wasn’t really paying
attention to what you were saying
the first time, I was kind of ummm,
lost in your eyes :3. ummm, but I watched it again && I was held back in the 3rd grade so I wasn’t really self confident about myself then, but now that I am older I have more confidence because alot of guys started telling I’m pretty, I don’t need make-up & I felt special & pretty for once. ! by the way you’re eyes are uhhhh amazing (:


September 6, 2009

You are a wonderful …
You are a wonderful person and a great philosophy. I also really like your accent. Has anyone ever told you sound a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger?


September 6, 2009

I think you are …
I think you are realy a nice guy and thats would makes you so special we are lucky to be able to see you every day thank you!


September 6, 2009

rated 5 stars
and …

rated 5 stars
and faveourited xDD
really good video dude 🙂
and love the random guy in the back lol


September 6, 2009

You are a grounded …
You are a grounded young man (which means wise ), keep that attitude and outlook and you should have a very happy fullfilling life. Best wishes to you and Tobias .


September 6, 2009

But Georg. You are …
But Georg. You are special.. Nice talk from a cute, smart, muscular, confident guy. We wouldn’t want you any other way!!


September 6, 2009

lol ur a cool guy …
lol ur a cool guy but ur friend sure sucks at halo 3 XD


September 6, 2009

who da rated 1 …
who da rated 1 star
such an idiot
lov da vid^^