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Relate To Your Customer With Humor

By Guest Author On July 6, 2011 Under Improve Your Life, Self Improvement

Selling office supplies is a very serious business… well at least for an office supply company it is.    And yet, the methods used to sell does not need to be quite so serious.    After all, my exhaustive research has indicated that there have been zero deaths reported due to misuse of smead folders.  Likewise, there have been no serious injuries resulting from mishandling pink office supplies.  And such is precisely the whole point!   We’re at a time when the stress levels of individual Americans may be nearing an all time high.   With a piss poor economy, two wars, unfettered immigration, nuclear threats, looming inflation, tax increases, and fill in your own misery here, perhaps now is that moment when you can present your business or your product to the consumer in a more unique manner than that of your oh so worthy competitor. 

 In other words, ditch the jargon, forget the fake corporate speak, and attempt to relate to your customer like a human.   During these turbulent times, implementing a little creativity could be the very thing that transforms a would be prospect into an actual customer.  Take advantage of the need we all have for a distraction by providing a moment of brevity.     So, you might want to scrap the standard marketing e-mails for a few months.  Besides, your target is probably immune to your tried message.   Try instead to focus on what was once a true art form, the personal letter.    Reach out to your prospect as if he or she is the only person you are trying to sell to and not one of hundreds receiving a canned message.    If your industry is not life altering (as is the case with office supplies), use tasteful humor.   When times are tough you may be best served by mixing up your message. 

Your attitude should likewise reflect your shift in messaging.    If you’re a pessimist, get over it and lighten up.  Yes, it is that easy. You’re in charge of you so develop a positive disposition starting now.  Doing so can only help you.  It’s all about taking a risk and finding a creative way to present your offering.  Below is what I found to be a great example of a strong brand and a solid manufacturer making light of its product in a way that is both memorable and effective.  Dymo is a fantastic brand and a leader in the office products world. The fact that Dymo can create a laugh serves notice to others not only in the office supply industry but in others as well.  Learn to laugh and you’ll learn to relate.


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