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Make Your Office Feng Shui

By Guest Author On April 4, 2011 Under Self Improvement

Feng Shui Your Office

To a individual from the west the thought of feng Shui can seem a little silly.  Do any individuals these days think that placing your executive desk diagonally  opposite a door can improve your luck?  Or that incorporating three red eggs as a part of executiveoffice furniture and decor could immediately boost income?

Yes, it sounds much like an idea an everyday spreadsheet obsessed, synergy loving Chief executive officer would dismiss at once.  The objective of feng shui is to design human environments in sites with beneficial energy or chi.  Feng Shui masters arrange shelves, desks, chairs, mirrors, paintings, and all additional components of interior and exterior design to manage the circulation of energy in human living places.

Strangely enough, however, feng shui is experiencing unparalleled amounts of interest in Europe and the United States.  Business icon Mr. Trump is known to have recruited Master Pun-Yi to assist with the design of Trump Towers.  Coca-Cola created their workplaces based on feng shui concepts and experienced gains in net income and worker efficacy afterward  

Virgin Ceo Mr. Branson has utilized feng shui to devastating effect across his various companies.  Major banks and academic publications such as Chase Manhattan, Citibank, and the Far Eastern Economic Review were also looking to get on the feng shui bandwagon.  There are  actually rumours abound that the British Royal Family has employed feng shui gurus in the past.   

Instead, it highlights the value of developing a well designed, decorated, and furnished workplace. When workers are more comfortable they can stop continually stretching,fidgiting, and dreaming of chiropractors and let their individual energy and creativity flow.  If an workplace is well designed everyone is more content, more relaxed, and probably less eager to go home.
The benefits of excellent office furniture go far beyond worker relations and productivity.  Businesses are more and more redecorating conference rooms to reduce unnecessary conflict in conferences, and renovating spaces in which employees interact with members of other companies.  Increasingly more evidence indicates that a excellent conference table and leather chairs make meetings simpler and more productive and crucial negotiations more likely to go well.      

The fact that quite a few of the most profitable corporations of outstanding office furniture go beyond workforce relations and efficiency.Businesses are ever more redesigning boardrooms to reduce unnecessary discord in meetings, and refurbishing places in which employee have interaction with representative of different businesses.  More and more research indicates that a fantastic conference table and leather chairs make conferences simpler and more productive and crucial deals a lot more likely to happen.      
For a business to receive the advantages Coca-Cola and Virgin have pulled out of feng shui, it need not look as far as ancient China.  An executive office furniture store can quickly supply the same value with not much more than a few handsome executive desks, ergo dynamic chairs, and experienced interior design advice.  As companies look for new techniques to improve productivity and better interact with their employees, many have realized that top-notch executive office furniture along with a attractive work environment is necessity.    

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