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How to Approach Women Tips to Make Her Glad You Did

By Guest Author On July 9, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Self Improvement

Seduction is a gradual process with a number of steps, but it begins with knowing how approach women.  This article is to help you take the first steps toward approaching women effortlessly.

The main reason men hesitate to approach a woman is because they’re afraid of rejection.  When you walk up to a woman, you’re declaring interest. You’re also opening yourself to the possibility of being rejected. Getting rejected is no fun. It hurts.  Developing a strong attitude can help protect you.
Your best defense is a positive attitude about yourself and a realistic evaluation of the situation. Extreme confidence really helps. If you don’t feel good about yourself, don’t you think she’ll sense that? A man who is very confident and self-assured won’t be bothered by one woman’s opinion or even a group of women’s opinion. His sense of self doesn’t depend on outside opinions.

Paradoxically, if you don’t care whether or not she rejects you it’s less likely that she will. The tough thing to do is developing the self confidence to get started.If you’ve had some success in life and with women, it’s easier to maintain your confidence once you’ve found it.

As in a lot of areas in life, it can make sense to “fake it ‘till you make it”. In your mind, decide how a truly confident man would feel and act and then act that way. Imagine how he would carry himself and adopt that posture.

One way to gain confidence is to approach women you don’t have a serious interest in.  Since you’re just practicing and don’t want anything from the woman, her response doesn’t really affect you and you can me more relaxed in the interaction.
Do your best to make a good first impression but if she rejects you, who cares? She wasn’t anything special to begin with and you were being kind giving her any of your attention. One aim here is to get to the point that you’re comfortable approaching woman and honestly think it’s their loss if they miss the chance to know you better.

Developing this “it’s her loss ” mindset will serve you well when you start approaching women you would like to meet.

None of this is to say you should become an arrogant, obnoxious bastard.  A truly confident man isn’t a braggart and isn’t arrogant. His quite self-assurance speaks more powerfully than that.

When your practicing with women, act with honor. As you practice, you will very likely find that a number of them will show obvious interest in you. If you don’t genuinely honestly reciprocate, don’t lead them on. Spend some time with them, thank them for the chat, then leave.

You can find out more about why this works so well at the Most Important Seduction Secret. And I also higly recommend that you go to Flirt Master to sign up for thier free report on the 33 rules of being an alpha male.

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