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Help Enhance Your Brain

By Guest Author On January 22, 2011 Under Self Improvement

Our brain is the centrepiece of our nervous system. Subconscious activities like heartbeat, respiration and digestion are controlled by the brain. Reasoning, thought and abstraction, also controlled by the brain, are known as higher order functions. It controls involuntary activities such as respiration, digestion, and heartbeat, which are also known as automatic functions of the body. This organ also controls other conscious activities that are considered as higher order activities like reasoning, abstraction, and thought. The human brain is superior to any other brain of any other living species that are known to humankind.

The brain is also the center by which other human characteristics are defined. For instance, creativity is very much associated with our brain, as is personality. The brain allows us to process decisions, it lets us define colours, and smells. This organ controls every other perceived activity of the human body.

However, the human brain, as strong and as invincible as it may look, is not going to stay that way forever. Over time, the brain will deteriorate as would any other part of the human body. One’s lifestyles and all other external factors will take toll against the human brain. As a person ages, the brain slows down; it deteriorates in terms of functioning, and of rejuvenating itself. However, there are ways on how to enhance the power of the human brain as age catches up. This article tries to give some useful tips on how to do just that.

1. Live a healthy lifestyle.

The brain is an crucial part of the human anatomy. It is probably the most important organ in the body; but naturally, everybody knows that every other organ in the body works for the others to function correctly. The human brain is at the mercy of the lifestyle of the person who owns it. If the person loves alcohol, this individual may not totally reap the powers of his or her brain. Alcohol and other harmful substances destroy brain cells. An alcoholic will argue that, “I’ve been using only ten percent of my brain, drinking will activate the other 90% of it.” This is a total misconception. This premonition was formulated in the 1800s and there is no truth in it. The brain is a lifetime organ, so we must sustain and take care of it.

2. Eat the right foods.
Eating the right sets of food will undoubtedly benefit the brain. The brain is the most active part of the body. Even when one sleeps, the brain remains active and vibrant. The brain will appreciate it if one eats the appropriate and balanced sets of food. The sad thing is that the brain is usually taken for granted when it comes to having a balanced meal or a workout because people are so focused on developing their outside looks. It’s about time that we give the brain a break.

3. Engage in proper exercise.

Proper exercise is good for the brain and not only for the body. The human brain needs a well-balanced life.4. Release stress once in a while

Releasing stress is essential to be able to clear the brain from the difficulties and the clouds in one’s life. One must take time to get into a relaxing mood and a good night’s sleep.

The brain is an organ to be cherished. No individual will ever be able to live his life to the fullest if his brain is not functioning well. A brain that is cared for will result in a more active and fulfilling life.

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