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Get A Hot Body When You Burn Belly Fat

By Guest Author On May 6, 2011 Under Improve Your Self Esteem, Self Improvement

Our stomach area is one of the most tough places to shrink. Let’s face it, fat likes to build up and stay there. Even though we do crunches and sit ups we can’t get rid of the excess weight there. So how can we burn belly fat and get the body shape we so much desire?

Look, situps and crunches are not the best workouts to burn belly fat, there are workout routines that are much better than those exercises. They are in fact easier to do. The thing that makes them more efficient is the intensity associated with them. The higher the intensity, the more unwanted weight you lose. Like I said, they are simple to do but any way, you still have to do them. Many successful programs have taken advantage of this and made weight loss programs demonstrating you all these high intensity workouts.

A simple exercise you can do to burn belly fat is where you bend your knees into like a seated position and put your back against the wall. What this does is that your abs and sides of it need you to maintain equilibrium and work much more muscles than a sit up can. You maintain that position for about 10 seconds and then stand up straight to shake it off. See, it is not a difficult exercise routine yet it is much more effective than what the majority of people do.

You work many more muscles when you are forced to hold your equlibrium than when you are down on the floor just pulling up for a crunch or sit up. As you can see, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this high intensity exercises will burn belly fat much more effectively than your typical high school gym exercise of situps and crunches.

Another type of high intensity but easy to do workout is jump exercises, otherwise known as plyometrics. These are short, but fast movements that improve the function of the nervous system and provide excellent, waist reducing results. One of the most popular programs is based around this principle.

Another key factor is in the foods you eat. Do you really expect to lose weight by eating junk foods? You can eat different food combinations that increase your body’s metabolic rate and convert your body into a weight busting machine. Putting together the high intensity exercises with the foods that increase your metabolism will make you burn belly fat much quicker than ever before.

Keep in mind that you do not have to kill yourself with dieting and exercise to get the body shape you want. Just be wise how you go with your routine so that you get the weight loss goals you are working hard for.

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