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The Shine of Our Moon is Magical

By Guest Author On March 10, 2011 Under Law of Attraction, Self Help Tips

 Well, it’s true that  energy from the moon  means a source of fabulous powers!  Irregardless of that we think or experience , the Moon yields a considerable influenceover our environment,  our life and in many areas concerning our habitat .

 No matter who we are , it is nearly improbable  to dissociate the Moon from our everyday lives. Certain groups of professions (psychic, like Maria Duval, clairvoyant, historian, farmer, doctor, author , painter,  astrologist , etc)  really place  much high emphasis  to it than the normal  run of human beings.

But which of us can claim never to have tried to penetrate the secrets and mysteries of the Moon, even if only superficially? Since time immemorial, human beings have tried to grasp  and  use the energy of the Moon.

Why is that so ? Because it is easily understood  that the Moon has a substantial pull over our behaviour more than other planets. It guides our actions, has an impact on our likes, our intuitions, our feelings, and because of this perceptibly affects the development of our lives. It is said that , it has been recorded that traffic accident rate is reported to be higher  historically during the full Moon period.

There are many other  examples showing  that influence objectively:  ladies’  menstrual cycles, the high birth rate when the Moon is full, the flourishing of plants and plantatation , the movement  of the waves , changes  in climate and many others .

But it does not stop here. Modern physics  is discovering new effects of lunar cycle on everything that lives on Earth every day.

For example , why do certain tribes in Madagascar subject mothers who are ready to give birth shield themselves fro the new Moon by hiding away at the rear  of the their homes? Why is it that the blue butterflies of Latin America are the dullest brown, and only due to the minuscule scales covering their wings which acts as a prism do they reflect the blue radiation emitted by the Moon? Why do Australian koalas eat almost twice as many eucalyptus leaves at once after the full Moon? And why has it been discovered that lunar attraction causes bamboos in Southeast Asia to grow 50 centimetres taller a day?

Indeed we could extend this list of “whys” indefinitely. Lunar energy is really a mystic force ever since the past till now. It is a source of energy psychics and spiritualists wants to tap on as it is such a force that can help them in their rites. So never just appreciate the beauty of the full Moon again but understand its awesome influence it has on us.

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