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Your Subconscious Mind Power Is The Universe

By Guest Author On December 1, 2010 Under Personal Development

If you’ve ever seen the film Field of Dreams (or even if you haven’t), you’ve heard the phrase ‘if you build it, they will come’. Your subconscious mind power is what you want to build ” just think and what will come is anything you can envision.

You already have all of the power you need to change everything about your life for the better ” it’s inside of you; in your subconscious mind. In fact, your mind is much more powerful than you’ve probably ever imagined. It can heal you, help you to transcend the physical world and to make yourself feel the heights of elation or the depths of despair. If you could learn to control your subconscious mind power, you can do things you’ve only imagined.

You’re probably skeptical about this idea, but bear with me a moment. One example which may help you to see the possibilities comes from the world of clinical trials: the placebo effect. The control group in a test are given a placebo and the experimental group are given the medication being tested, though neither group knows whether or not it is actually receiving the drug.

In many trials, you’ll see both the experimental groups and the control groups claiming to have pretty much the same results. Both groups think that they’re receiving the medication and their subconscious mind power goes to work, making them actually experience the effects which they believed would occur.

This is exactly why there are doctors who prefer not to tell patients about any side effects that a new medication might have. They know how powerful of a force that suggestion can be and that patients will often believe themselves to be experiencing side effects that they’ve been informed about, whether or not they’re genuinely experiencing them.

You can help to cultivate your subconscious power by harnessing this power of suggestion. After all, if it works in clinical trials, why can’t it work for you? This can be an effective means of communicating with your subconscious and unlocking its true potential.

Many people find visualization to be a useful technique to get in touch with their subconscious mind power. Best of all, visualization is easy to do. You can simply close your eyes and try to ‘view’ anything that you want in your mind’s eye.

Something else which works for many whether on its own or along with visualization techniques is to find a picture of their goal ” or better still, a picture of themselves with their objective. This image helps you to focus your subconscious mind power on achieving your objectives. Say that you want a certain car. Have a picture taken of yourself with this car and put it up somewhere that you’ll see it every day. Every time you see your goal, it sends a message to your subconscious to put your mental energy into making it a reality.

There have always been people who have known the power of their subconscious and the efficacy of visualization and suggestion in harnessing this power, but it’s only been very recently that we’ve even begun to gain an understanding of the mechanics involved.

In the field of quantum physics, there are many who think that being observed has an effect on the behavior of matter which is all at its essence made up of pure energy. The fact that simply observing matter makes a difference to its properties or even its very existence means that your subconscious mind power could be put to work in changing your world once you learn to tap into these abilities.

If this is true, it’s our minds which create matter, not the other way round. If the entire universe is actually a creation of our own subconscious, then subconscious mind power can be used to influence the world around us.

There have always been religions which have held the belief that our own minds create the world and the universe. Now, science has started to approach this idea from its own standpoint. No matter what (if any) religious beliefs you may hold, you’re probably a believer in the laws of physics.

Obviously, you’d want to use your subconscious mind power to change the world if you had the ability. It just takes learning to harness your mind power instead of letting it have control over you. You can get started by using affirmations and visualizations to reach your subconscious and let the power of your own mind help you to achieve your goals. Begin with a small goal and as your subconscious mind power grows stronger, you’ll find it easier and easier to make the things you want a reality.

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