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Work Related stress

By Guest Author On November 26, 2010 Under Personal Development

Has the stress from your job begun to affect you in terms of performance or your overall quality of life? The workplace today, especially in this struggling economy, can be extremely stressful, but these everyday stressors do not have to take over your life. In this article we will show you a few tips on how to relieve stress at work, along with some advice that can help you avoid certain stress-related conditions.

If you turn on the news or surf the Internet these days, news of massive layoffs and budget cuts is everywhere, and this dreary state of affairs has certainly taken its toll with regard to stress in the workplace. Needless to say, the threat of losing one’s job can lead to very stressful conditions, and in this type of environment productivity naturally decreases. But stress may cause even more problems if not managed carefully. If you feel constantly on edge, irritable, depresses or even hopeless, these are warning signs telling you that your stress has become unmanageable.

Coping with stress in the workplace does not mean that you need to change everything about yourself and how you do things, but learning to take care of yourself properly can significantly help with your stress level. For years, doctors have understood the positive effects of exercise for stress and stress-related conditions. Even a short walk in the park every morning can help you shed some of the stress you’re feeling and improve your mood. Also, avoid alcohol. Alcohol has long been used as a short-term solution to stress, but too much alcohol can elevate stress levels considerably.

Once you arrive at work there are several things you can do to begin reducing the overall stress you’re feeling. For example, try not to over commit yourself. Everyone wants to be the hero at work, taking on every project and never saying “no,” but this type of strategy can really add to the stress you’re feeling. It is okay to say “no” sometimes when you’re feeling truly overwhelmed. Also, prioritize your work. Nobody can get to everything every day. Take a good look at your workload and try to prioritize which tasks are most important.

These are difficult times-times which almost always mean increased stress levels in the workplace-but you do not have to be a prisoner to that stress. Take the time to eat the right foods, workout and get lots of sleep at night, and learn to delegate responsibility and break your projects up into smaller, more manageable steps.

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