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Who Is In Your Circle of Influence

By Guest Author On December 8, 2010 Under Personal Development

Right now, the decisions you make in life are being effected and influence by a certain group of people. People that you spend the most time with in your life are the ones who make up this group which is called your circle of influence. You are in full control of the people you want to involve in your circle of influence and these people can either help bring you up in life or drag you down.

Think about the top five people that you hang out with. That is the core of your circle of influence. You may want to think about the decision that these people make in life and think about whether you agree with them or not. Chances are if there is a decision to be made and you were put under the same circumstances as these people, your decision would be very similar.

It may feel that someone ended up in your life by chance but this is not true because your circle of influence, at the time of this person appearing in your life, attracted this person to appear. You are responsible for this person being in your life. This could be a great thing and the person could have changed your life completely for the better.

This is why it is so important to choose people in your circle that benefit you. There are so many people in the world that will bring you down and make you feel bad. These are the toxic people to keep out of your circle. Instead of spending time with them, find someone that you want to be more like and figure out a way that you can spend time with him.

Removing someone from your circle does not mean never seeing them again. It means that you have decided to spend more time with people that are going to serve you better. When you commit to changing your circle of influence you will witness how your life is going to change forever.

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