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What Is Height Enhancement Research Likely To Yield In The Near Future?

By Guest Author On November 28, 2010 Under Personal Development

Height enhancement research across the world, coupled with research on tall men shoes, has given short people hope for options in future. Researchers who are conducting their tests and experiments in the field of height augmentation are expected to come up with some truly great findings that will help people of short height to grow tall safely and effectively.

Latest Research On Biological Height Augmentation.

Currently, some groundbreaking research is being carried out in this field. For instance, Japanese researchers are experimenting with an innovative technique known as ‘Draw Cuts’. In this technique, a thin wire is pulled back and forth very quickly through the leg many times. Bone fusion is believed to occur as a result of this, causing a slight increase in the length of the leg.

Scientists in Singapore are researching height augmentation techniques involving use of radio waves. In this process, high frequency radio waves are transmitted at intervals to the lower part of the leg. fumer leg bone malleable and stretchable. Once this is done, the bone can be stretched by special devices to increase in length. It is said that if a person is treated for a long time using this technique, his lower leg can be stretched to over 2 inches.

Researchers in the West are also conducting genetic and biomedical research in this area. In the UK, molecular biologists are researching on growth plate cartilage, and related height enhancement techniques. Researchers are also working on stem cell therapies that can result in bone growth and lead to height augmentation.

Research in the Field of Product Design to Augment Height.

Height enhancement research is not just the prerogative of medical science. It is also being conducted in the field of product design, especially by tall men shoes manufacturers. A lot of money is being pumped into R&D for tall men shoes, concentrated on how to increase the height of the wearer by a few inches.

Extensive research in this field has resulted in the design and manufacture of tall men shoes, which can add the crucial inches to your height invisibly and without compromising on comfort and style.

Latest research in the field of tall men shoes has also led to the design of shoes with the option to increase height as per your need. This will allow you to optimize your height as required and at the same give you the confidence to stand out positively.

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