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What is Emissaries Of Divine Light Plus More About Them And Their Campaign

By Guest Author On December 9, 2010 Under Personal Development

Lloyd Meeker founded a church, called Emissaries of divine light, in 1932 after two days of conversion program, and he named himself Uranda. He says that God himself chosen him for the task of bringing peace and enlightenment to the world. Approximately 3000 people are following Emissaries of divine light, that is also called EDL.

People from children to adults can get the membership of this church, but most of them, who accept the regulations and enlightenment of the church, are young adults. The new followers are generally in the age group of 18 to 24, but most of the followers are of the age group 30-40. People who are looking for a safe place for them, and want to get inner peace generally join this reserved organization.

Several people have said that they have found inner peace and they also claimed that they got an answer to the most important question -what is life, after joining this sect? There are a lot of places throughout the world where this church is located and few of those places are France, England, Cameroon, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Italy, Israel, Ireland, India, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ghana, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Nigeria, New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Germany, Canada and US. Russia and other countries that were previously the part of USSR, are also there where some efforts are being done.

Emissaries of divine light is a group based on modern science and new assumptions- something which has a new outlook towards life as a total. It is a church that follows the teachings of Christ, but the difference is that they claim that his teachings are not properly followed by the other churches, so they have made a new sect that correctly follows Christ and his sayings.

The Emissaries of divine light require money to spread the word of their religion and this money comes from their followers who donate 10% of their money. This church considers their leaders as artists because they are the ones who administer the church and follow all rules of the church. If someone wants to active member of the church, then they have to follow some rules. All the followers of the church are linked to each other and they all support a general belief that the world is soon going to end.

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