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Visualization: A Practical Way to Deal with Panic Attack

By Guest Author On November 28, 2010 Under Personal Development

It is a common problem not to be able to pinpoint the cause of panic attack. Sure, some people say that anxiety disorders are inherited, but what if it’s only you in the family who has experienced a panic bout? Then surely, something else must have caused it, right?

Common causes of panic attacks include stress, illness, traumatic occurrences and accidents. If you know what starts this, you can deal with the root cause. The more accurate you are in identifying the cause of your panic attacks, the better your chances are of being able to face the problem head on.

So, no matter what causes the attack, it’s possible to use some practical tools in order to survive the attack.

Dealing with things naturally is the fashion right now, so it may be worth it to try and find organic ways to face panic attacks.

One of the techniques you can try is visualization. This method can give you the power to battle any episodes of panic. Since experiencing an attack detaches you from reality, visualization is a good way to help you relax yourself.

In order to visualize, what you need to do is stop doing everything and in your mind remember a calm place or thing that always makes you relax.

Think of it and remember how at peace you are being in it or simply by having it because this may not guarantee to completely stop the attack, but it can greatly help in managing the symptoms. It is better to be in control of what is happening yourself as opposed to letting it control you.

It is vital to pay attention to visualize how you will react before the breakdown ever even happens. When you are sensing that an anxiety episode is about to transpire, you must be quick to start visualizing. It may completely hinder the attack from happening if you are able to crash the latter ahead of time.

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