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Unleash The Psychic Power Within You.

By Guest Author On December 11, 2010 Under Personal Development

Psychic power has been a hot topic among psychologists in psychological debates long since the development of that discipline. What is psychic power? Being so complex and extra ordinary subject psychologist failed to draw a fine definition. It can be defined like this. It is gifted capacity of human mind to grab unusual things from nature in an exceptional way. People have these rare ability can seize knowledge from nature in an extra ordinary way.

You may not be aware of your psychic power. Have you ever felt that your friend is going to ring you and your cell ringed after a few minutes. Or you dreamt your cousin coming next day from abroad and he surprised you by ringing in your mobile at morning to pick up him from airport? Don’t be perplexed. These are the signs of your extra ordinary ability of your mind. You feel so because your psychic can perceive information from your surroundings. Every one has this ability but varies person to person.

People who have good psychic power will be behaving in strange manner. They will have the ability to fascinate people. They can feast people with black art and magic. Let us know more about various stages of psychic power.

We have heard about the sixth sense and wondered about the way how people having this sense perceive information using their conscious and unconscious minds from the nature. You may remember different scenes of the movie “The Sixth Sense” by Monoj Shyamalan. They can see a people’s aura lights they give off from their body, decode the meaning and interpret what the aura indicates. Spirits and soul are visible before them and some psychics can even converse and collect information from these sprits!

Clairvoyants can predict future receiving special images or symbols or images from spirits. They converse with spirits and seek them things they want to know. These spirits have a direct access to all space they need to go so that they inform invisible incidents taking place surrounded to Clairvoyants. Thus clairvoyant psychics foresee present and future.

Clairaudience is another stage of psychic power. Clairaudients can hear spoken words from spirits while clairvoyants only make out information from symbols and images from spirits. They understand all events in the nature hearing spoken words from sprits and perceive lot much significant knowledge. Clairaudients even experience presence of spirits. They feel kind of pressure while they communicate with them and same time they get different tastes in their mouth and behave very strange to other human beings.

Two other major psychic abilities are Psychometry and remote viewing. People who have ability to sense of touch to do a reading and pick up an object or images belong to some other persons. As they can sense frequencies and vibrations from others aura, they are very helpful to find out missing persons or objects.

Some psychics have Mediumship power; they can communicate with deceased people. They work like a medium to make conversations between late people and men. Psychics having remote viewing abilities can easily narrate any situations or geographic regions they have never been to. These two powers are helpful to mankind in necessary times.

Remote viewing is another wonderful ability of some psychics. They can explain the situations or geographies they have never been to. This psychic ability has been helpful man kind in many ways.

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