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The Significance Of A Funeral Service

By Guest Author On November 27, 2010 Under Personal Development

When individuals lose someone they cherish through death, their initial emotional responses would be shock and disbelief. Usually, it is very difficult to just accept that death could happen to someone we love or to us, for that matter.

Slowly, deep sorrow overcomes them. It can be very hard to make decisions, most especially with how to go about with the funeral arrangements for their loved one who died.

Considering the anguish that only the death of a loved one can bring, it is not surprising that many bereaved individuals are incapable of making decent arrangements for the funeral of their loved ones.

Usually, it is the well-meaning relatives and friends who take it upon themselves to handle the preparations for the funeral. These people may want to speed up the process of getting their lives “back to normal” after the body of their loved one is buried or cremated. Usually, the life of the deceased may not be appropriately commemorated.

At this time, the bereaved is very vulnerable, and those organizing the funeral should always keep this in mind. This is a time when the emotions of those left behind by the one who passed away should be considered. It will give the family a final chance to demonstrate how much they cherish the life and the memories of the person who passed away.

A funeral director should directly consult with the family to get a picture of how they like the funeral service to happen. Then, it is in the hands of the funeral director to ensure that the bereaved’s wishes are accomplished and that the remembrance of the life of the deceased will be as solemn and as dignified as possible.

Apart from ensuring that a funeral will be as the bereaved specified it to be, a funeral director could also take care of the processing of licenses or permits for special interment requests, such as interments at sea or cremations, since these ways of burying the dead could require special interment permits from the authorities.

For the bereaved family, the funeral is a way by which they can let out their grief over the passing away of their loved ones. A funeral is vital in healing the anguish left by the loss of someone with whom they shared their life with.

The funeral is a manner of bidding goodbye and yet, also, a means of holding on to the memories of those we love close to our hearts.

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