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The IT Guy Stuff That He Wants People to Know

By Guest Author On November 29, 2010 Under Personal Development

There are many things that IT guys wants girls to know. They are a self righteous bunch and these things will save you lot a lot of embarrassment. Here are some of the things that he wants you to know.

When you as a guy a technical question never argue with him if you don’ like his answer. Remember you asked him. If he argues with you the reason is that he is sure that he is right. Otherwise he’d simply tell you that he didn’t know the answer or where to look it up. He doesn’t want to argue just for arguments sake.

If you begin a conversation by insulting yourself it will only make him feel sorry for you. It will remind him that you really are an idiot and that he really doesn’t want o talk to you.

His job is fixing your mistakes. He doesn’t mind that. What he does mind is when you lie about it. This makes his job much more difficult. Tell him the truth the first time so that he can resolve the problem.

It takes time to fix a problem and some problems aren’t even fixable. If you have to rewrite a document that you deleted sometime in the past, don’t get angry with him. It’s just that he can’t fix a problem that only you can.

Don’t tell him that your problem has to be fixed immediately. This will only cause him to treat your problem as if it is a non priority.

You may not be the only person on his list who has a problem that needs fixing. He has to consider others who need his help.

It is totally unnecessary and very annoying for you to email me numerous times each day about the same problem. The result of you constantly bothering me about something that I already am aware of is that I simply delete them. I always respond as soon as I can.

I would rather get a phone call from you than an email. It is simply easier and faster for me to exchange information, which mostly consists with me answer your questions, over the telephone.

I am rude and blunt with all of my customers so don’t take it personal. I don’t need to hear the problem that your caused was a mistake, it makes absolutely no difference to me. The only question is how we prevent it from happening again.

I can access every file on your computer including where you have been surfing, all of the chat rooms that you have been in and all of your personal emails. However, I don’t do it because you aren’t really all that interesting, it’s unethical, and I am busy.

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