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Some Hints To Help You Make Best Use Of Your Time

By Guest Author On February 1, 2011 Under Personal Development

It’s true what they say, “Time is gold.”

There never seems to be enough time. Even if a day had thirty hours, it would still not be enough. Somehow, some things will come up and you will end up wanting more time. Time is a valuable resource. Once it’s gone, it cannot be recovered.

It’s always this way: time rushes by when you have a lot to do. Conversely, when you are quiet, time apparently stands still. This is true when you are killing time because there is nothing else to do under the circumstances.

How do you maximize the use of your time? It would be worth your time to consider the following strategies:

1.    Look over your schedule on a daily basis, preferably at the start of the day. Review it in its entirety. You may notice that portions of your day may be hectic, while some may not be too frenzied. Aim to distribute evenly your daily activities.

To keep your schedule on track, have a notepad to hand. This has the extra benefit of reminding you of your tasks, and commitments. Overlapping can be avoided by using pads, or schedule notebooks. In case of overlaps, determine which one is priority.

After spreading your schedule for the day and you still feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks to be accomplished, you may have to forego some of them.

Think of it as being like cleaning out the closet. There’s less chance of a stray object hitting you on the head when you open the door of a tidy closet. Also, if it is in order, you will likely find spare spaces available.

2.    Request for a re-schedule in advance. This is especially true when another person will be affected. Show courtesy by doing this in advance. This leaves time for the person to adjust to the new schedule. Who knows? It could well be you’re helping out the others. They may be in the same predicament as you are, and they will not be aware unless you make it known to them.

3.    Be creative. Time is an element when simple creativity can be put to practice. For example, you need to do the laundry but at the same time, you also have to rush and buy some groceries. Perhaps, what you can do is to set your washing machine to do the laundry while you step out to the grocers. Manage your time in the grocery and back home, just in time when the laundry is done.

Perhaps consider using a slow cooker to do the cooking as well. It cooks food by itself. There might even be time to pick the kids up from school after your shopping. Four tasks are combined to one. All it takes is scheduling and a little creativity.

4.    If you’re tackling something for the first time it’s likely there will be a mistake or two. However, a first time task doesn’t have to be a blunder. If there is no clear direction on how things should be done, take time to plan it out before you take action. As well as saving time and energy, it saves money.

5.    Can you visualise the outcome of your objective? Seek out alternatives. Choose the better of two or more alternatives. If there is only one option, do it just the same. Some things might appear more daunting than they actually are when put into practice. The same thing is true the other way around.Time is something you could never have enough of. You become wise when you choose to maximize it.

Ronnie Soo is an M3 Master Consultant with Wealth Masters International and a director of 5th Wise Monkey Ltd.

If you’re going into internet marketing, beware of those who promise you can earn money quickly . Only the correct training will help you to reach the rewards on offer.

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