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Self Defense Training Results In More Than Just A Great Work Out

By Guest Author On December 7, 2010 Under Personal Development

Your health is one of your most important treasures. Even if you have all the money in the world, you still can’t be considered wealthy if you are poor in health. So it should be a person’s priority to keep himself healthy. Below, you will find some practical and effective tips on how to do just that. Make a habit of exercising Many people think of exercising as something that can only be done in the gym.

But that is really far from being true. Every day, you can incorporate exercises in your daily routine. You can make it a morning habit to do move your body and get some real exercise before heading to the shower. Try not to get in the elevator when you are in your workplace, the stairs can be of help. When you come home, take the kids out in the yard and run around with them. All the active things that you do everyday can be a good alternative to rigorous training in the gym.

Now, when you do have the time during the weekend, be sure to engage in physical activities like aerobics, sports, and so on. You would want to try taking up martial arts training. Learning self defense tactics is not only good for your physical health but also improves your ability to defend yourself. You have the option to enroll in a self defense class or watch self defense videos at home. Go low fat, high fiber and high nutrient in your diet It’s true what they say, you are what you eat.

Eating healthy makes you healthy. If your diet is consist of high fat,salt,sugar and preservatives, then it’s unhealthy. Try something natural like organic foods such as fruits and vegetables. Stay away from processed food particularly from processed meats, as these are high in chemicals that can hurt your health over time.

Have a healthy balance of protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and other nutrients in your diet. Go for foods that contains more fiber such as grains,wheat,fruits and vegetables. All these can contribute to a better health and well being.

Reduce stress in your life Reduce the levels of stress in your life simply by taking a break from it all. A lot of sicknesses are caused by too much stress some of them are heart disease,chronic fatigue and pain,anxiety attacks,depression,eating disorders, etc. You can avoid these health problems through relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, guided imagery, and visualization. You can go to a vacation or meet up with some friends, or maybe take up something new like a hobby that can give you a rewarding feeling to help you take your mind off stress.

Sleep early, sleep well Sleep is very important to one’s health because this is the time that our bodies recharge and rejuvenate. Without proper sleep, you won’t only feel sluggish or lethargic, your health will also be compromised. Sleep well by sleeping early, having enough hours of slumber, and resting in a dark place.

When it’s dark, the melatonin hormone in the brain is released and it signals the body to rest. You can also have deep sleep because of this.

Bruce Strong is a fan of martial arts. By training himself with the different self defense techniques, he is equipped with different close combat training. To learn more about self defense tactics, inform yourself about self defense.

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