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Reebok Easytone: Is It Just A Fad?

By Guest Author On December 5, 2010 Under Personal Development

Sports giants Reebok recently brought out a range of trainers designed to improve toning in the legs and bum. They called the range ‘easytone’, which spanned from the concept of the shoe. The trainers are designed with a convex sole which creates instability; it forces the foot to balance on a smaller surface area than usual. This means the leg is constantly trying to find a balance point and keeps the muscles working on a small scale, even while walking.

With this concept, Reebok claim that it increases the activation of calf muscles by 11% and gluteus maximus muscles by 28%. The idea is to give your legs and bum a workout without actually doing much exercise, apparently from the advert it even works while cleaning the house!

Brook, now 30, says she is happy with her body and has accepted who she is, but still maintains a fitness regime. She says “I’ve hit 30 and I have accepted this is my body shape, and I’m happy with what I am and who I am. My legs are quite toned at the moment and I have a small waist so I dress to accentuate it. I have a bigger bum and bigger boobs but I’m generally small-boned. I’ve got real boobs and I guess they could be a bit perkier! But in general I’m pretty happy with everything.”

The Reetone range was tested on a group of females aged 19 to 24. The subjects were put through exercise trials and had muscle activation, heart rate and caloric expenditure measured.

The University of Delaware conducted a test with a group of women, they made half wear the Easytone shoes and the other half wore standard fitness trainers. The women endured a series of exercises while attached to sensors which monitored muscle activity.

However, the team surveyed users of the shoes over a period of several months and found that the general consensus was an overall toning of the legs and bum. The team struggled to determine whether the toning was entirely due to imbalance or motivation to walk more. So far, consumers have gone crazy for the highly priced trainers and this trend is set to boom at Christmas.

Consumers can get their hand on the easytone trainers in stores and online and there is rumour of a extended Reebok easytone due next year.

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